Legion Cast & Premiere Photos: A Psychedelic X-Men Series

Kate Aselton and Dan Stevens in Legion

As the last of the already established comic book universes to make the jump from the big screen to the small screen, X-Men is starting things off with a bang, launching two shows: an X-Men show on FOX with direct ties to the cinematic franchise, and Legion on FX with little connection to the movie franchise (at least initially). These shows will no doubt be compared to each other and the rest of comic book TV, but Legion already stands alone in its unique look.

With Legion set to premiere on February 8, marketing is starting to ramp up. There have already been several teasers and posters, and now FX has released several new photos highlighting various members of the cast. Many of the photos emphasize Legion's very unique look. Paired with the subject matter, Legion's psychedelic approach could make for a trippy show.

Legion is from the mind of the Fargo TV show creator Noah Hawley, and if Fargo is any evidence, this comic book series is going to be an exciting addition to FX's lineup.

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While FOX's upcoming and still untitled X-Men series will have more connections to the movie franchise, Legion's separation may work in its favor, allowing the cast and crew to make their own vision without having to worry about the rest of the universe. And considering just how complicated that universe has become, making sure Legion is part of its own invented world will also work to temper audience expectations, as no one will be waiting on Hugh Jackman or James McAvoy to make an appearance when the series finally premieres.

Looking at the gallery of images, it's clear Dan Stevens's David Haller is the protagonist based on his prominence. In the X-Men comics, Haller is also known as the mutant Legion, the son of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X. He's able to absorb other people's personalities, which allows him to use the powers of any mutant he absorbs.

It's not yet clear how obviously they're going to state Haller's parentage in the show, but the rest of the character seems to be fairly consistent with the comics. David is a diagnosed schizophrenic in a mental hospital with other colorful characters like Rachel Keller's Syd Barrett and Aubrey Plaza's Lenny Busker. When David eventually discovers his powers, he can't be sure if they're actually his abilities, or whether it's a hallucination, leading him to question his reality.

Legion premieres Wednesday February 8 on FX

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