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FX's X-Men TV show Legion will end after the upcoming season 3, says CEO John Landgraf. Legion premiered on FX in 2017 as part of Fox's deal with Marvel TV to bring certain X-Men comic book characters to the small screen. It was originally one of two series announced, with the other being a show based around the Hellfire Club from the X-Men comics, but that never made it to air. However for its part, Legion has earned a great deal of critical acclaim for its dramatic, offbeat take on the comic characters it adapts, largely thanks to creator and showrunner Noah Hawley.

The show follows David Haller (Dan Stevens), a mutant who was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was young, but who also demonstrates extraordinary abilities like telepathy and telekinesis. In season 1, David joins a group of mutants and slowly discovers the enemy of the Shadow King. Season 2 of Legion further explored that storyline before wrapping up last summer. The network renewed Legion for season 3 before the season 2 finale even aired and now it's been revealed when Legion will come to an end.

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According to FX CEO John Landgraf during his executive session at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, Legion will end after season 3, as reported by The Wrap. Landgraf went on to say that Hawley always planned to conclude the story after three seasons, and revealed season 3 will debut this summer.

Fans of Legion will no doubt take heart in the show coming to an end in a fashion that the creator always envisioned. Though viewers may not know what Hawley has planned for the third and final season of Legion, it's sure to build off seasons 1 and 2 and bring David's story to a satisfactory conclusion. Marvel Comics fans may be looking forward to seeing whether the show confirms its X-Men ties insofar as David's father being Charles Xavier aka. Professor X. Though David's biological father has been mentioned on the series, it has yet to be confirmed whether it's really Professor X like it is in the comics.

Of course, Legion fans may also be disappointed to hear that the show is coming to an end this year. Legion provided a much different experience than most comic book superhero television programs, contrasting even with fellow X-Men show, FOX's The Gifted. Certainly, it's a unique and beloved series, but if Hawley has a specific story in mind and wants to conclude it in season 3, FX and Landgraf seem happy to oblige the showrunner. What exactly Hawley has in store for Legion in its final season, though, remains to be seen.

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Legion season 3 premieres Summer 2019 on FX.

Source: The Wrap

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