Legends of Tomorrow: Zari's Powers & the Zambesi Totems Explained

The latest member of Legends of Tomorrow, Zari Tomaz, has the powerful Air Totem. Learn how it connects to Vixen, Kuasa, and more.

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow finally brought Zari Tomaz aboard the Waverider, along with a powerful necklace once owned by her brother. And while the show merely teased a deeper connection between Zari’s Totem and the one worn by Amaya, the animated series Vixen actually provides us with a lot more context. Over the coming weeks, Legends of Tomorrow will explore the bond between Amaya, Kuasa, and Zari, but if you were left a little confused by the mystery this week then we’ve got you covered.

Last week, the episode ended with a mysterious figure summoning a woman from the water. Known as Kuasa, she’s actually the granddaughter of Amaya and the sister of the modern day Vixen, Mari McCabe. Season 1 of Vixen saw her attempt to claim the Anansi Totem that is her family’s birthright, but Mari defeated her in the end and went on to become a hero in her second home of Detroit. But like Kuasa and Amaya, Mari was born in Zambesi.

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Long ago, five Totems were created in Zambesi and granted to denizens of the village. Over the years, they’ve all been scattered, with only the Anansi, or Spirit, Totem remaining in prominent use. In season 2 of Vixen, a warlord known as Benatu Eshu gained access to the Fire Totem and went on a rampage in Detroit. Mari, Atom, and the Laurel Lance Black Canary ended up joining forces with Kuasa to gain the Water Totem to help stop Eshu. In the end, the villain incinerated Kuasa and the Totem. Mari was able to defeat Eshu, though and also destroy the Fire Totem.

Given Kuasa’s revival and powers, it seems clear the powers of the Water Totem are now inside her. It also looks as if Zari has the Air Totem, though it looks quite different from on Vixen. Despite Kuasa’s seeming turn to the light side, she’s once again willing to kill to gain the various Totems. Even stranger, Ray doesn’t seem to recognize her, despite mentioning earlier in the episode that he once teamed up with somebody who had the same powers.

The reintroduction of Kuasa and the Zambesi Totems not only helps legitimize the animated side of the Arrowverse, but it adds a new layer to Amaya’s story. It could also serve as a way to bring the Mari McCabe Vixen back into the live-action world. Either way, it’s clear that knowledge of every corner of the Arrowverse is increasingly necessary to follow along with the plot of each show.

For now, Zari’s Air Totem looks to grant her a number of powerful abilities, which will come in handy given the threat of a villain who can transform into water. It’s also only a matter of time before the last remaining Totem, the one that controls Earth, is discovered by someone on Legends of Tomorrow.

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