Legends of Tomorrow Drops A HUGE Wonder Woman Reference

Legends of Tomorrow drops a huge, and possibly game-changing, reference to Wonder Woman in its latest episode, titled 'Helen Hunt'.

Sara Lance and Damien Darhk in Legends of Tomorrow Helen Hunt

Legends of Tomorrow ended its latest episode, the delightfully titled "Helen Hunt," with a major and surprising Wonder Woman reference. The episode in question saw the time-traveling team arrive in Hollywood during 1937, where a displaced Helen of Troy found herself at the center of a movie studio war. The team was faced with a bit more of a dilemma than usual with Helen. Unlike previous historical figures who ended up in a time period that wasn't their own, Helen didn't want to go back to Troy to become a pawn in another war.

So the Legends' newest arrival, Zari, found a way to "hack" history. Zari delivered Helen back to her time period but didn't touch down in Troy. Rather Zari found Helena a new home, on an island full of "warrior women." As the episode closed that island was, of course, revealed to be Themyscira - the homeland of Wonder Woman and her Amazonian sisters. The moment was one of the biggest references yet to the larger DC Universe since Arrow name-dropped Bruce Wayne in a season 6 episode. Yet there might be some hope that it won't be just a passing reference or Easter egg.

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It's unlikely that Legends of  Tomorrow will ever really see Wonder Woman pop up on the series. Although Supergirl did have Superman appear in season 2 and he continues to be a part of the show's ongoing mythology, Clark Kent is much more an exception than the rule. The DC Trinity of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman have been mostly off-limits to the Arrowverse. Instead of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers have acted as the three pillars of the interconnected TV universe. Any appearance by the big three heroes, or at least Batman and Wonder Woman, might overshadow or even derail the course of the Arrowverse.

Still just because Wonder Woman doesn't appear in Legends of Tomorrow (or any other connected shows) doesn't mean that all Amazons are (or should be) off-limits. There have been many more residents of Themyscira to become heroes in the DC Universe other than Wonder Woman. A character like Artemis, who replaced Diana as Wonder Woman in the '90s, could certainly show up on Legends with very little explanation needed. The Amazons' oracle Melanippe would also be a good fit for Legends of Tomorrow, considering how much the current season has delved in the magic and mystical side of the universe.

Maybe the best fit though for an Arrowverse appearance would be Donna Troy, Wonder Woman's original sidekick. Donna has a very complicated history in the comics, despite a wealth of appearances. Donna's been everything from Wonder Woman's clone to a supernatural being created to destroy Wonder Woman. Legends of Tomorrow (and the Arrowverse) would have free range to add a new element or backstory to the character since her past is already such a convoluted mess.

Of course, the introduction of Themyscira could be nothing more than fan service. "Helen Hunt" was a rather female-focused episode of Legends of Tomorrow and the show just might've thought it was right to end the installment off with the embodiment of female empowerment in the comics, the Amazons' "Paradise Island." Even if nothing does come of the reference, it will probably still be a comfort to fans that the Amazons and their home are now official parts of the Arrowverse canon.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday,  November 21 with "Welcome to the Jungle" on The CW.

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