Legends of Tomorrow Loses Series Regular Victor Garber

Victor Garber in Legends of Tomorrow

Firestorm will no longer be complete with series regular Victor Garber set to leave Legends of Tomorrow. The CW's DC lineup of shows just returned this week and has already given viewers some insight into what the new seasons of SupergirlThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow hold. Even though Arrow has yet to make its sixth season debut, the DC world on television is quickly changing as the new seasons go into effect.

For Legends, that means viewers getting reacquainted with the Waverider crew, who were briefly disbanded by Rip Hunter and his new Time Bureau. The season premiere welcomed back the crew from season two, setting up where each will go in the third season, but it appears one of their arcs will be cut short.

Deadline is reporting that Victor Garber is set to exit Legends of Tomorrow at some point this season. Garber is currently a series regular, but his character Martin Stein serves as only half of the superhero known as Firestorm - with Franz Drameh's Jefferson Jackson being the other half. While Garber's exit is just now being revealed, it has been in the works for sometime.

Garber's exit will be a blow to Legends, as Stein often serves as the voice of reason within the group. How it will effect the crew as a whole and Jefferson specifically remains to be seen. As for why Garber is leaving the show, it is so he can go back to Broadway and do theater once more with the revival of Hello, Dolly!, which opens January 20, 2018.

With several episodes left to build up to Garber's exit, viewers will undoubtedly be paying even closer attention to the arc he his given. As established in the season three premiere, Stein's daughter is pregnant and was not incredibly eager to become a time traveling superhero once again. However, just as he pulled Jefferson into this lifestyle to begin with, he is repaying the favor to Jefferson now. But, with his first grandchild on the way, it would be reasonable to assume that Stein decides to leave his superhero days behind him to spend time with his growing family.

Hopefully, Garber's exit will not mean a loss of Firestorm altogether, as it would then take two series regulars away from Legends. The writers have hopefully worked out a way for Jefferson to continue on, whether that be from him gaining the ability to become Firestorm on his own or by bringing in another partner for Jefferson to team up with. In the meantime, with Garber and Drameh's chemistry already firmly in place, viewers should cherish the final episodes they have together.

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The next episode of Legends of Tomorrow will air on Tuesday, October 17 on The CW.

Source: Deadline

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