Legends of Tomorrow 'Turncoat' Trailer: George Washington's in Danger

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow is The CW's DC superhero TV show that travels through space and time on rollicking adventures. Last year, the team's leader, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), through himself into the time stream - a sacrifice designed to save everyone else on board the Waverider. So far in the second season, Hunter has had his brain scrambled by this traumatic sacrifice and been captured by the series' current big bad - the Legion of Doom.

The trailer for the next episode of Legends season 2, 'Turncoat', returns Darvill's native English accent to the Hunter character and has him making a very real threat to George Washington's safety - an action that has the potential to change the course of history as audience members know it. You can watch the trailer for 'Turncoat', above.

The episode title gives away the time period that will be highlighted - the American Revolutionary War - while also hinting at Hunter's motives and exactly which side of the conflict he will be betraying. In last night's episode, 'The Legion of Doom', the eponymous team of villains reintegrated Hunter's lost memories, with the heavy implication that he will not be the same person he was before.

While Legends of Tomorrow has not gone to the American Revolutionary War before, fans of the show have seen the Legends in an equally-important conflict in U.S. history; when they traveled to the American Civil War, during the season 2 episode 'Abominations'which was a very important episode for Jax (Franz Drameh), and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). From what can be seen in the 'Turncoat' trailer, Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), will feature heavily in the episode - likely to function as comic relief - alongside Nate (Nick Zano). It makes sense to feature Nate heavily here, as he is an American historian and will, hopefully, be able to provide unique insight to aid his fellow Legends in apprehending their one-time leader.

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Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), has stepped up and taken on the leadership role on the Waverider in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow in a move that has split some of the fans. There are contingents that want her to remain in charge, while others are hoping to see Rip Hunter back in the captain's chair before the season is out. It could make for compelling watching to have Lance lead the charge that saves Hunter (from hurting himself and permanently damaging the time stream - although Barry Allen on The Flash seems like the person who really needs to be stopped), only to bring about a conflict about who is really the best person to be in charge.

The 'Turncoat' setting, in particular, does feel a little bit like going back to the same well in the span of 6 episodes this season, although it is equally important to where the Legends found themselves in 'Abominations'an episode that definitely had some low points in the scenes that revolved around actual historical figures. Regardless, the trailer is very engaging, has a couple good laughs and may yet appeal to some Hamilton fans out there who have a good chance at seeing their favorite founding father show up on Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow continues with 'Turncoat' on Tuesday, February 7th, on The CW.

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