Constantine Returns in New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow

In the trailer for upcoming Legends of Tomorrow episode "Necromancing the Stone" Constantine returns, and not a moment too soon. Lately the Legends have been putting their regular mission of fixing anachronisms aside as they dealt with a greater threat: The Darhks and Mallus, and their quest for the six totems.

In the previous episode, "Amazing Grace" both those missions coincided. While fixing an anachronism that destroyed Memphis and drove Elvis Presley insane - preventing the rock-and-roll boom - the Legends learned that Elvis was the bearer of the sixth mysterious totem, courtesy of his used guitar. A quick consultation with Constantine identified the totem as the death totem. When the music Elvis played on his guitar raised the spirits of the dead, the totem also had the ability to send them back, causing the singer to willingly give the totem up.

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In the trailer for upcoming episode "Necromancing the Stone," which was just released by The CW, that death totem causes quite a bit of trouble. Constantine warned Ray awhile ago that Mallus would one day take over Sara, much like he already had done with Nora Darhk, and when that moment happened, Sara would need to be killed. Well, it looks like that moment has finally arrived. While Ray might have tried to do what Constantine told him to, it looks like things don't exactly go according to plan for poor Ray.

The Legends may have thought that they were keeping the four totems they acquired safe from Mallus, but they forgot Sara's proximity to them would put them in the demon's reach. When she takes the death totem for herself, the Legends captain turns into their enemy, and it is clear she does not care which of her friends she hurts. In way over their heads, it's the perfect time for Constantine to return and help them.

There is no denying that of all the totems, the death totem would be the most enticing to Sara, even without a demon possessing her. Still haunted by the death of her sister Laurel, the temptation to see her once again might be too much for Sara to bear, especially with the totem so close.

And Constantine is not the only familiar face popping up in the episode. While not seen in the trailer, this episode also features Wally's ex-girlfriend Jessie Quick, most likely making things confusing and difficult for both the young speedsters. Not that they will be the only two suffering from relationship drama, as the trailer showed Sara's current girlfriend Ava Sharpe for a moment, and she's probably going to have some pretty strong emotions about Sara's predicament. Sharpe may even prevent Constantine from killing Sara, which could be a pretty strong victory for Mallus in the end.


Legends of Tomorrow continues Monday, March 19 at 8pm with "Necromancing the Stone" on The CW.

Source: The CW

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