Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Return Trailer Pokes Fun At Arrow, Flash & Supergirl

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Poster

DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 return trailer features the Legends dressed up as Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl; Mexican wrestlers; and other forms of comical madness. A spinoff of The CW's Arrow and The Flash, Legends follows a group of lesser-known superheroes and reformed villains as they defend time from a variety of threats. While the show still shares the same space as the network's other DC offerings (sans Black Lightning), it's arguably taken on a (bonkers) existence of its own in recent years. In fact, the Legends were too busy with their own reality-shattering midseason finale to participate in 2018's Arrowverse crossover event, Elseworlds.

The first half of season 4 followed the Legends as they worked alongside John Constantine to capture the mythical creatures (aka. "Fugitives) that they'd inadvertently let into our world during their battle with Mallus, back in season 3. This led to the Legends taking on a wide assortment of fantasy creatures, ranging from blood-thirsty unicorns to malicious fairy godmothers, punk rock-loving shapeshifters, and giant squid monsters in 1950s Tokyo. By the look of things, life is only going to get crazier for the Legends when their time-travel escapades resume next month.

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The CW has released a sizzle reel for Legends of Tomorrow's return ahead of then, as you can see in the space below. While the trailer includes clips from the midseason premiere ('Lucha De Apuestas'), it also teases what's to come in the episodes after. Meanwhile, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for the pull-quotes partway through the video, including one from Screen Rant.

It's generally agreed that Legends of Tomorrow found its groove when its cast and crew really started to have fun with its time-travel premise, back in season 2. The show has continuously one-upped itself every season since then with increasingly zany storylines that have managed to be bizarre, funny, and often touching in surprising and unexpected ways. Judging by the season 4 return trailer, that will once agin be the case when the series picks back up in April. Admittedly, we have no idea why the Legends are dressing up like the other Arrowverse superheroes and dancing in Bollywood musical numbers here (not to mention, kidnapping Richard Nixon and heading to Disney World), but never knowing what to expect next is part of what makes the show such a delight to watch.

That said, we do know why the Legends will be taking a trip to Hell in an upcoming episode. Last year's midseason finale revealed that season 4's big bad is Neron, a demon that wants to conquer Hell, but was previously banished from the material plane by Constantine. Tragically, in doing so, John also had to banish his boyfriend Desmond, who had sold his soul to Neron to keep John safe. However, now that the Legends know his secret, they plan to team up with John, help rescue Desmond, and defeat Neron once and for all. That's assuming Sara doesn't get trapped in the (literal) megastore from Hell, anyway.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns with 'Lucha De Apuestas' on Monday, April 1 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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