Legends of Tomorrow Travels To The 60s In Season 4 Set Photo

Shooting for all the series making up the Arrowverse started last week, but little has been revealed about the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow beyond a basic plot summary. However, a new photo from the set has revealed that the adventures of the titular team of time-travelers will take them to the 1960s.

The third season of Legends pitted the team against Mallus - a demon who had been imprisoned within Time itself. The team was also forced to work around a new bureaucratic organization called the Time Bureau, who disapproved of the Legends more anarchic methods of combating incongruities in the timeline. In the end, the Legends' unorthodox nature was able to defeat Mallus, though they had to break his prison open in the process. This also unleashed a number of mythological and magical beings - a fact that was revealed to the team by warlock John Constantine, who will be joining them as they work to contain the monsters they accidentally unleashed.

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A photo posted to the Instagram account of actress Tala Ashe, who plays the role of hacker/Air Totem bearer Zari Tomaz, reveals that the Legends' journeys in season 4 will be taking them back in time to the '60s. The photo shows Ashe and castmate Brandon Routh (Dr. Raymond Palmer/Atom) dressed as Hippies and flashing the peace sign, while standing in an open field.

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Given the apparent background in the photo and the show's history of visiting specific major historical events, it seems likely that the Legends' adventures may be taking them to Woodstock. The legendary 1969 concert and arts festival, famously promoted as "three days of peace and music," was one of the defining moments of both the anti-war counter-culture in America and popular music. The concert was held on a 600 acre dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains and attracted nearly 10-times the anticipated number of 50,000 attendees, causing traffic jams across much of southern New York State, as people tried to reach the event.

While it is by no means a certainty that the Legends will be going to Woodstock, it does seem a likely guess. In any event, this photo is sure to be a relief to those who feared that the show's shift in focus from fixing continuity errors to battling magical monsters might mean an end to the Legends' time-traveling shenanigans. One thing is certain - there's bound to be trouble wherever and whenever the Legends of Tomorrow find themselves in season 4.

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Source: Tala Ashe

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