Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Will Feature Pee-Wee Herman Cameo

The writers of Legends of Tomorrow have revealed that none other than Pee-Wee Herman will cameo in a future episode. The team-up show officially joined the Arrowverse back in 2016, and starring Caity Lotz, the show offered secondary characters from both Arrow and The Flash a chance to shine in their own right. Reception for season 1 was underwhelming. However, the series still managed to get a second season. Switching out the roster and settling on a quirkier tone, Legends of Tomorrow has since gone from strength to strength.

Season 3 saw the team defeat the demon Mallus in a cuddly fashion when they combined to form a giant teddy-bear named Beebo. That brand of whimsical, chaotic humor has continued in season 4, as the team deals with the consequences of that victory. With various mythical and magical creatures unleashed upon the timeline, the crew has thus far faced off against a homicidal unicorn, a demented fairy godmother, and, in the latest episode, a minotaur. The episode posed many questions, and saw the team bid farewell (for now) to Nate Heywood as he left to join Ava Sharp's Time Bureau.

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Posting on Twitter, however, Legends of Tomorrow's writers wasted no time in looking to the future. 24 hours after the episode, they revealed that Pee-Wee Herman would be making a surprise appearance in next week's episode. Check out the full tweet below:

Pee-Wee Herman is, of course, the comic creation of Paul Reubens. Hugely popular throughout the 1980s, across both the big and small screen, the character was ultimately retired in the early 1990s. In 2007, however, Reubens revived the character. There's no word yet of whether Reubens will return for the role, but it's difficult to envision anybody else in the part. Also, he's no stranger to starring in an adaptation of a DC property, having recently guest-starred on Gotham.

Fictionalized versions of real-world figures and cameos of a meta nature are nothing new to Legends of Tomorrow. The show has seen the self-proclaimed merry band of misfits cross paths with characterizations of everybody from George Lucas to Barack Obama as they venture back and forth through time. In season 3, as well as voicing Mallus, John Noble (Fringe) also made a physical appearance, humorously playing himself as the heroes used his voice to trick Mallus' followers.

It's unclear whether the show will once again go as far as that. It could be a fictionalized version of Reubens that appears, playing his famous creation. Then again, it's possible that Pee-Wee Herman himself somehow exists in this world. Stranger things have happened on the show, after all. Whatever the case, the writers are clearly excited over the idea - spoiling the surprise nearly a week early. Given that the episode will center around the team battling a killer doll, it could also be that Pee-Wee's famous Playhouse will feature.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 4 returns Monday, December 3 on The CW.

Source: @LoTWritersRoom

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