Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Finale Explained and Unanswered Questions

John Constantine and Legends of Tomorrow Alternate Realities in the midseason Finale

In DC's Legends of Tomorrow's midseason 4 finale, John Constantine, Charlie the shapeshifter, and Zari Tomaz (who was trapped as a cat) try to repair the timeline that Constantine broke. However, the genre-bending, time-twisty, puppet-laden episode may have broken some fans' brains, so let's make sense of "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".

Last week, Constantine revealed that the Big Bad of Legends of Tomorrow season 4 was Neron, a demon looking to conquer Hell. To banish Neron from our dimension, the rogue demonologist was forced to condemn the man he loved, Desmond Leveau, to Hell because Neron had taken possession of Desmond's soul. John has been riddled with guilt ever since and he decided to travel back to New Orleans 6 months ago to break up with Desmond so that Neron wouldn't target him. However, Constantine broke a fixed point in time, so he unleashed a time wave that altered reality. John was driven insane, Zari was turned into ZariCat, and it was up to Charlie - who helped John break time so she could get her shapeshifting powers back - to do the right thing and fix the timeline.

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"Legends of To-Meow-Meow" was an utterly insane, self-referential, and hilarious episode that called back to previous episodes from season 4 while also parodying TV shows like Charlie's Angels, MacGuyver, and Sesame Street. Here's how it all went down and how the Legends finally set reality back on course.

Why Didn't Constantine Breaking Time Affect The Rest of the Arrowverse?

The timewave Constantine unleashed only hit the Legends and the Time Bureau and altered their realities. As John tried to explain it to Ava Sharpe, who had turned goth as she mourned the death of Sara Lance (who died by unicorn impaling), the new reality isn't supposed to exist and it hadn't had time to settle in and ripple throughout the rest of the universe - which is why it had to be fixed immediately.

The entire event was centered around Constantine preventing Desmond from going to Hell; because he saved Dez, John never ended up joining the Legends, which created a domino effect: they never traveled to 1970s London and met Charlie, therefore Constantine never magically trapped Charlie in the form of Amaya Jiwe. It was because Charlie wanted her shapeshifting powers back (for fear of growing old and dying) that she helped John break time and save Desmond, but she quickly regretted that decision when she saw the extent of the damage they caused.

The other key thing that happened because Constantine never became a Legend is that the Legends never learned to not kill the magical fugitives or banish them to Hell. It was because Sara had spoken to Charlie in London and came to understand the fugitives weren't all necessarily monsters that the Legends and the Time Bureau decided to start capturing and humanely imprisoning the fugitives instead. Without this moment occurring between Sara and Charlie, the Legends embrace cold-blooded murder of magical beings.

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Why Didn't The Legends Join The Elseworlds Crossover?

"Legends of To-Meow-Meow" did a lot, but made time to cheekily address why the Legends aren't in Elseworlds. After the first new reality was created and the Legends turned into the Custodians of the Chronology, Gideon notified Nate Heywood, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory that they had missed calls from Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Kara Zor-El. All three Custodians shrugged it off and Ray scoffed, "Sounds like the annual crossover."

It's interesting that each of Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl contacted the Legends but because the Custodians' personalities were altered, they didn't care about the heroes. It's also worth wondering whether Gideon was able to identify who Barry and Oliver were considering they had switched bodies.

In any event, Charlie, ZariCat, and Constantine were stuck in a terrible new Custodians of the Chronology reality, but that turned out to only be the beginning of the damage they did to the timeline.

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