Legends of Tomorrow Season 4: 5 Questions After The Midseason Premiere

Legends of Tomorrow Lucha De Apuestas

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 has returned after a four-month hiatus and it remains as full of surprises as ever. Some of the midseason premiere's surprises were mundane, such as the fact that warlock John Constantine was as knowledgeable about the lore of lucha libre as he was the laws of magic. And some of these surprises were as revolutionary as they were confusing, such as the fact that Mona Wu - an Assistant Coordinator of Creature Upkeep at the Time Bureau - is apparently some kind of magical creature herself.

Episode 9 of season 4, "Lucha de Apuestas," picked right up where the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale ended, with Mona on the run with a Kaupe - a beast-man of Hawaiian myth. Mona had been framed for letting the creature out of its cage when she had, in truth, been trying to save the Kaupe from some mysterious Men in Black who were torturing him. However, Mona did help the creature escape before she was captured by the Legends, sending him through a random portal in time. The Legends were largely skeptical of Mona's story, but team hacker Zari decided to stay in the present and investigate Mona's claims that the video footage showing her freeing the Kaupe from his cell were faked.

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The rest of the team tracked the Kaupe to Mexico City in 1961, where he had somehow become a lucha libre wrestling star known as El Lobo. The plan to recapture the Kaupe and take him back to where he belonged hit a snag, however, when it was discovered that his failure to show up and accept a challenge by the wrestler El Cura resulted in a series of riots that killed hundreds. This left the Legends having to stage the fight of the century, while keeping the Kaupe from being recaptured by the Time Bureau agents dispatched to retrieve him. Here are all the questions fans are asking after the Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere.

5. Is El Cura Based On A Real Person?

El Santo

While tracking the Kaupe in 1961, John Constantine is thrilled to meet El Cura - a legendary luchador and movie star, whose films frequently pit the pure-hearted hero against all manner of monster. It is quickly revealed, however, that the introduction of El Lobo into the timeline has changed history and now El Cura never becomes the pop culture hero he was originally. This leaves John with a secondary goal alongside preventing the riots caused by El Lobo's sudden disappearance - restoring the good name of El Cura and getting his hero (who has turned to strong drink in the wake of his continual defeats to El Lobo) back into fighting shape.

Though his mask is gold rather than silver, it is clear that El Cura is meant to be a tribute to El Santo. The star of 52 lucha libre movies and his own long-running comic book, El Santo's career as a wrestler ran for nearly five decades. Today, El Santo is regarded as the most iconic of Mexico's professional wrestlers.

While Legends of Tomorrow usually doesn't shy away from depicting historical figures, in this case they went with a tribute rather than depict the real El Santo. It's possible they may have felt it would be disrespectful to show El Santo violating his personal ban on drinking alcohol, even if the intent were to show him building himself back up afterward. It's also possible they could not license El Santo's image rights, which are currently controlled by his son, who wrestles under the name El Hijo del Santo (The Son Of The Saint) and is notoriously protective of his father's legacy.

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4. Does Zari Have A Crush On Nate?

Legends of Tomorrow Zari and Nate

As Zari investigates the security footage showing Mona's releasing the Kaupe, she determines that Hank Heywood deleted the original security reel and replaced it with a fake file from his cell phone. Unfortunately, to recover the original footage, she needs to get a hold of Hank's phone. This leads to a typical wacky Legends plan where Zari attends a gala fundraiser as Nate's plus-one, so that she can get Hank's phone while he's drunk and distracted. This also leads to the typical wacky rom-com misunderstandings, where everyone just assumes that Zari is Hank's new girlfriend and comments on what a cute couple they are.

Strangely enough,  Zari's annoyance at the situation seems to be less based around things like Nate's mother noting that she has "child-bearing hips" and more at the fact that she was honestly trying to avoid thinking about Nate on romantic terms. When Nate first suggests she attend the gala as his date, she is quick to assert that they won't do "the thing where we act like we're dating" because it would be "totally weird." Zari is equally quick to correct Sara later when Sara sees her all dolled up and insists that she is dressing fancy for a mission - not a date. This seems, however, to be a classic case of protesting too much, as Zari honestly does seem to blush when Nate smiles at her, though she's quick to deny it when he notices.

3. What Else Is On Hank's Phone?

Legends of Tomorrow Hank Heywood's Phone

By the end of the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Zari has not only uncovered the real footage that proves Mona's story about the Men In Black but also cloned every piece of sensitive information on Hank's phone. With that accomplished, and Nate more certain than ever his father is hiding something about his true interest in the Time Bureau, he gives Zari permission to go through his father's files and see what else she can find. Doubtlessly this will prompt a mission or two as the season progresses.

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