Legends of Tomorrow: 8 Biggest Questions From The Pee Wee Herman Episode

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow found themselves in a serious Chucky situation as they fought a killer puppet (voiced by special guest star Pee Wee Herman) in season 4, episode 7 "Hell No, Dolly!" Not only did fans learn the identity of the nefarious demon stalking John Constantine, but the British mage broke time itself, which leads to some major questions leading into Legends of Tomorrow's mid-season finale.

In "Hell No, Dolly!", the Legends chased a new magical fugitive in 18th century New Orleans, which turned out to be a Dybbuk, the malevolent spirit of a serial killer named Mike the Spike, which possessed dolls and puppets. Thinking Mick Rory had burned the doll the Dybbuk was possessing in the Big Easy, the Legends were unaware the evil spirit possessed the puppet of Martin Stein that was stored aboard the Waverider. As the Dybbuk attacked the heroes aboard the time ship, Mona discovered that someone was kidnapping the fugitives imprisoned in the Time Bureau and experimenting on them.

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However, John Constantine turned out to be the episode's biggest threat as the blanks leading up to how he joined the Legends were filled in. Six months ago, John fell in love with a New Orleans bartender named Desmond Leveau, but the warlock was targeted by Neron, a demon looking to use Constantine to usurp control of Hell. Realizing what he was up against, John tried to send Desmond away, but the bartender (being the great-great-grandson of voodoo priestess Marie Laveau) instead made a deal with Neron to trade himself for John. To get rid of Neron, John was forced to banish Dez to Hell in his place, but Constantine has been riddled with guilt ever since. John hoped he could change time so that he never met Desmond, and thus never joined the Legends but Constantine discovered his meeting Dez is a fixed point in time. Instead, Constantine made sure Desmond never fell for him, which ignited a time ripple that has drastically altered the timeline.

After all of this chaos, and in honor of the "tush tickler" i.e. Ray Palmer's new facial hair (which may be Legends parodying Henry Cavill's mustache in Mission: Impossible - Fallout), here are the biggest questions from this week's Legends of Tomorrow.

8. Who Is Neron?

Neron has been revealed as the Big Bad of Legends of Tomorrow season 4. He is the entity that attacked Constantine in the season premiere and wrote a threat on his bathroom mirror. In short, Neron is an ancient demon and lord of Hell who first appeared in DC Comics' Underworld Unleashed in 1995. Legends of Tomorrow seems to be adapting a story from 2016's Constantine: The Hellblazer where Neron clashed with the British warlock.

Neron plans to usurp the triumvirate in control of Hell, which is where John Constantine came in. The demon requires more souls from Earth to increase his power, and he intended to use Constantine to deliver them to him. Instead, Desmond traded his own soul so that Neron spared Constantine's, but that also meant John couldn't banish Neron to Hell without also damning Desmond - which he did and has been tortured by ever since.

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Evidently, Neron is still able to breach dimensions and can apparently still attack his foe. Now, Constantine has altered the timeline to save Desmond's life, but inflicted catastrophic damage to reality.

7. What Is Project Hades And Are They Tied To Neron?

Another big mystery in Legends of Tomorrow is Project Hades, which was first mentioned during a secret phone call Hank Heywood received during Thanksgiving. The curtain hasn't dropped on what exactly Project Hades is yet, but it's tied to Hank approving billions in funding for the Time Bureau and how the prison to hold the fugitives the Legends capture was so quickly constructed. Apparently, Hank is the only one who knows about Project Hades, which is operating under the Time Bureau's noses so that neither Nate Heywood nor Director Ava Sharpe (or Gary Green) knows what's happening to the fugitives under their care.

It's awfully suspicious that there's a secret cabal called "Project Hades" at the same time Neron, a Lord of Hell, wants to gain control of the underworld. Is there a connection between the two? Is there a faction within the U.S. Government in league with Neron, and are the fugitives being used as part of Neron's master plan?

6. Are The Men Who Kidnapped Konane From Project Hades?

Mona, the Time Bureau's new Assistant Coordinator for Creature Upkeep, is falling for the Kaupe, the fugitive Hawaiian wolfman, and he seems to reciprocate her feelings. The Kaupe tells Mona his name is Konane before he makes her hide as two men storm into his cell and take him hostage. Mona follows and helps Konane escape his captors, but in the fracas, Konane accidentally slashes Mona in the abdomen, seriously injuring her.

These men are likely working for the mysterious Project Hades. Mona discovered injuries to Konane's neck, which indicate that he's being experimented on. Also, during Hank's phone call, he indicated that the fugitives are "controllable," which is important for whatever Project Hades' nefarious plan is.

5. Is Nora Darhk Also Being Kidnapped By Project Hades?

Conspicuous by her absence in "Hell No, Dolly!" is Nora Darhk, whom we learn has been exchanging love letters with Ray Palmer and confessed she "has a thing for mustaches," which explains Ray's sudden facial hair. If the Kaupe and presumably other fugitives are being taken by Project Hades, is Nora also being kidnapped and experimented on? The daughter of Damien Darhk is one of the most powerful magical beings in Time Bureau custody, and her ties to dark magic would make her valuable to someone like Neron.

However, Project Hades seems (for now) to be interested in the fugitives, and Nora Darhk technically isn't categorized as a fugitive (i.e. one of the time-displaced entities who escaped an other-dimensional prison when the Legends set Mallus loose last season). Also, if Nora were being taken advantage of, she would inform Ray in one of her letters and the Atom would come running. Still, after she bonded with Mona and Ava last week, the absence of Nora seems like a red flag.

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