Legends of Tomorrow: 4 Biggest Questions After The Minotaur Episode

Legends of Tomorrow Nate and the Minotaur

In "Tender is the Nate", DC's Legends of Tomorrow bid goodbye to Nate Heywood as a full-time hero aboard the Waverider, but not before one last, crazy adventure with his friends and his father Hank that raised a few new questions.

With Hank Heywood conducting an inspection to see if the Legends are worth the millions of dollars of funding they require, the time-traveling misfits brought Hank on a hunt for their newest magical fugitive, the Minotaur, which they tracked in the catacombs of 1927 Paris with the help of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and a photo of the beast drawn by Salvadore Dali (if you ignore the melting clocks).

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Meanwhile, it's Ava Sharpe's birthday, which she spent trapped in Nora Darhk's prison cell with Mona, the Time Bureau's new creature handler, thanks to a magical mishap - until a shrunken Ray Palmer, who was hoping for a (conjugal) visit with Nora, came to the rescue. However, the three women did manage to bond over their mutual, messed-up life stories. Nate also met Charlie, the shapeshifter trapped in the form of his ex-girlfriend Amaya Jiwe, which helped him in his decision to dedicate himself full-time to the Time Bureau.

"Tender is the Nate" was vintage Legends of Tomorrow weirdness. Although there was no update on the mysterious threat stalking John Constantine this week, the episode spawned a few questions.

Did Something Happen To The Waverider's Fabrication Room?

The Legends officially work for the Time Bureau in season 4 - Hank called them "the tip of the Bureau's spear" - and the series has now repeatedly raised the issue of funding. In episode 2, "Witch Hunt", Nate and Ava secured $4.2-billion in funding from the Department of Defense for the Bureau. This week, Hank, the DoD's liaison, was furious about the funds being allocated to the Legends, which includes $135-million for a new Time Core for the Waverider, $1.7-million for historical costumes, and a line item for "assorted condiments".

All of this contradicts the fact that the Waverider has a Fabrication Room. The Legends' costumes are replicated by Gideon, as is the food in their galley, which also has a fabricator. While Mick Rory has complained fabricated food tastes "fake", the other Legends have enjoyed the unlimited types of food options the Waverider provides. Regardless, the Waverider has always been able to be self-sufficient, so did something change and are their fabricators no longer functioning? (Which is also strange since Gideon received an upgrade in her appearance.)

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In the end, Hank was suitably pleased with his adventure with the Legends and greenlit their budget, keeping them stocked in hot sauce and historical cosplay options. However, it still doesn't seem like the Legends actually get paid to be time-traveling superheroes, which is one of the reasons Nate jumped ship and took a job at the Time Bureau in the first place.

3. Is Nate Permanently Gone From The Legends?

Nate bid farewell to the Legends as a member of the Waverider's crew and seems happy to be Ava's second-in-command at the Time Bureau. This doesn't mean Nate is leaving the series, however. Rather, Nate's transfer increases the importance of the Time Bureau in the series and gives the agency their own superhero in Steel. It also lets Legends of Tomorrow utilize the elaborate sets of the Time Bureau's headquarters built for season 4. Nevertheless, Nick Zano remains a series regular and Legends of Tomorrow is in no danger of losing their resident historian/movie nerd, who can always time portal back to the Waverider whenever he's needed.

2. What Was In Nora and Ray's Love Letters?

After voluntarily surrendering herself last week, Nora Darhk is serving her time in the Time Bureau's containment cells, but now that they've bonded, Ava is happy to look the other way as Mona plays mailman to Ray and Nora's love letters. The biggest laugh of the episode was Ava assuming Ray's letter had glitter inside; it was revealed Ray's first love letter to Nora actually contained himself, except he was stuck to the glue of the envelope while he was shrunken in his ATOM suit. But now, Mona is officially shipping Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk, declaring them "our generation's Ross and Rachel". #DarhkATOM shippers are dying to know what the goofy scientist and the repentant witch are writing to each other.

1. What Was The Song Hank Sang To Put The Minotaur To Sleep?

Nate was "a grown-ass superhero" who briefly sang the Minotaur to sleep with a lute, but it was Hank who really saved the day by subduing the mythical beast with a song. The song Hank sang was "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor, one of the legendary singer's most popular tracks, which he wrote for his own nephew, whose name is also James. Taylor wrote it as a cross between a cowboy song and a lullaby, and Legends of Tomorrow has now proven it also works on Minotaurs.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays @ 9 PM on The CW.

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