Legends of Tomorrow: 5 Kaiju-Sized Questions After The Godzilla Episode

Legends of Tomorrow Constantine and Tagumo

In DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 episode 5, "Tagumo Attacks!!!", the team faced a giant kaiju in 1951 Tokyo. The only thing bigger than the monster is the big questions created by the episode for the show's future.

As Sara Lance, Mick Rory, Zari Tomaz, and Charlie met filmmaker Ishiro Honda, who would go on to direct Godzilla in 1954, and solve the mystery of this week's magical fugitive, Ray Palmer recruits Nora Darhk to save John Constantine's life. Meanwhile, Nate Heywood introduced Ava Sharpe to a Heywood family Thanksgiving as Gary Green and Mona the delivery girl face an outbreak of magical fugitives at the Time Bureau.

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"Tagumo Attacks!!!" not only sent the Legends of Tomorrow to do battle with a giant land octopus, but it poignantly addressed the tragedy at Hiroshima and the inspiration behind Godzilla. Here's what the episode left us wondering about:

Was Ishiro Honda A Real Person And Did He Create Godzilla?

Like George Lucas in Legends of Tomorrow season 2, the Legends meet another legendary filmmaker responsible for a sci-fi icon. As "Tagumo Attacks!!!" tells it, the fugitive our heroes are hunting this week isn't the giant octopus after all; it's a magical item, a book from Bridgid, the Celtic goddess of art, creation, and healing. The book is drawn to artists and found Ishiro Honda when he was a young director. Honda was haunted by his memories of Hiroshima and translated them into Tagumo, a kaiju that destroys Tokyo. After Mick Rory, who is a writer himself, used his imagination to create a magical warrior to destroy Tagumo, Heatwave nudged Honda towards creating Godzilla.

Legends of Tomorrow fudges the true story and consolidates some facts. In real life, Ishiro did direct the original 1954 Godzilla (and many of its sequels) but the King of the Monsters had many fathers. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka conceived the idea of a giant monster film but it was special effects producer Eiji Tsuburaya (not Honda) who submitted an outline based on his 1951 idea of a giant octopus attacking ships in the ocean that inspired Legends' Tagumo. However, Ishiro Honda did help write Godzilla's screenplay with Takeo Murata, changing the monster to a giant fire-breathing lizard, a stroke of genius that (probably) came to them without Mick Rory's help.

Is Mona A Fugitive?

Mona is awfully suspicious. Introduced in the third episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 4 "Dancing Queen", she's a delivery girl who brings food to Gary Green at the Time Bureau. She also never fails to ask what the Time Bureau actually does, which leads to Gary wiping her memory each time. But during Thanksgiving, she not only learns the true nature of the Bureau, but it was her expertise that helped Gary and Nate contain the outbreak of fugitives. Nate figured out the monsters were really just "hangry", but it was Mona who knew that a Kaupe, Chupacabra, and Baba Yaga eat Hawaiian barbeque, Birria, and babies (or veal if no babies are around).

Mona is reminiscent of when Nora West-Allen premiered on The Flash, and her presence can't be a mere coincidence either. She claims she's just well-read, but there's got to be more to her than just nerd who happens to know obscure magical lore and now scored a Bureau job as a "creature wrangler". Could she be a fugitive herself - or something more? Whatever she really is, Mona is no mere delivery girl.

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What Is Project Hades?

Nate's dad Hank Heywood isn't just a rep for the Department of Defense; his helpfulness to the Time Bureau masks a darker purpose. Hank is in charge of something called Project Hades and after receiving a phone call during Thanksgiving, he reports to the mystery person on the other end that the fugitives are "controllable". It seems the U.S. Government (or whoever Hank is really working for) has taken a keen interest in magic, likely to weaponize the fugitives for some nefarious purpose.

Will Nora Darhk Become A Legend?

After she was able to use her magical powers to restore John Constantine's life force, Ray gave Nora back her time stone so she could go on the run once again. Instead, Nora wants redemption and decided she has to repent for her crimes. Nora teleported them both to the Time Bureau where Nora surrendered. Legends of Tomorrow fans assumed Nora would remain on the Waverider with the Legends (since Courtney Ford is now a series regular), so this was a surprising turn of events. With Nora doing her time in prison, how will this affect Ray and will Damien Darhk's magical daughter ever become an official Legend?

What Is The Song That Plays At The End Of The Episode?

A touching song plays over a montage that closes out the episode. The track is "Girl" by Timecop1983 featuring SEAWAVES. Timecop1983 is Jordy Leenaerts, a synthwave producer from the Netherlands. "Girl" is from the EP Lovers EP - Part II released in August 2017. It's a poignant and well-chosen track that beautifully synchs with the Legends of Tomorrow, the Arrowverse's time-traveling outcasts.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays @ 9 pm on The CW.

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