Legends of Tomorrow: 4 Big Questions After "Wet Hot American Bummer"

Swamp Thing and Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow

In DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 episode 4,"Wet Hot American Bummer", the team headed to summer camp in 1995 - a crazy hour that left a lot of questions behind, about topics ranging from Nate to Swamp Thing.

Sara Lance, Ava Sharpe, Ray Palmer, and John Constantine (who broke his promise never to cosplay on a mission) pose as camp counselors thinking they were looking for catch a "swampy monster". It turns out Camp Ogawa in Maine has been infiltrated by a magical fugitive called a shtriga, a vampiric witch that has been sucking the life force out of the kids at camp. Meanwhile, Zari Tomaz and Mick Rory look after the Waverider's newest 'guest', a shapeshifter named Charlie who Constantine magically froze in the form of Amaya Jiwe in last week's episode "Dancing Queen". Charlie spent years in the inter-dimensional prison all of the fugitives escaped from but she bonds with Rory, a fellow ex-inmate, and agrees to help the Legends track down the other missing fugitives.

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4. Why Wasn't Nate In This Week's Episode?

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Nate Heywood isn't in "Wet Hot American Bummer"; Ava explained she left Nate and Gary Green in charge of the Time Bureau while she joins the Legends on their new mission. However, the real world reason, as Nick Zano explained on Instagram, is that Nick's wife gave birth and their new baby needed immediate life-saving surgery. Nick left to be with his family and Legends of Tomorrow's executive producers Greg Berlanti and Phil Klemmer rearranged the production schedule to give Nick the time off he needed. Thankfully, Nick's baby daughter pulled through and is healthy.

3. Did Zari Forget Gideon Could Free Her From Charlie's Cage?

Zari got played and fell for the old 'unconscious prisoner' trick when Charlie got the drop on her and locked her in the Waverider's cage (note that this cage was developed in Legends of Tomorrow season 3 to hold magical entities like Damien Darhk, which is why they didn't hold Charlie in the Waverider's usual holding cell). Charlie tried to escape but ran into Mick Rory, who managed to bond with the fugitive over alcohol and win her trust.

The weird part of this scenario is: why didn't Zari immediately ask Gideon to lower the cage to free her? Or, since Gideon monitors everything happening on the ship, why didn't the Waverider's A.I. instantly set Zari free? When Mick returned Charlie to the cage, Zari was already gone, but it's strange Zari even entertained Charlie's plan to hold her prisoner.

2. Will Nora Darhk End Up With John Constantine Instead of Ray?

Legends of Tomorrow finally revealed that Nora Darhk is posing as a witch at a renaissance fair, a fact that the Legends themselves aren't aware of. But the Legends need her help now: Constantine used powerful dark magic to take on the shtriga and now he's dying from its effects. Ray thinks Nora is a powerful enough magical user to save John.

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But of course, Ray is also in love with Nora, something all of the other Legends know and tease him about - especially how he gave Nora a time stone to help her escape the Time Bureau. However, Constantine brought up food for thought that Ray's feelings for Nora are likely unrequited and the science geek boy scout is a poor match for the magical former vessel of Mallus. Indeed, Constantine himself might be a better love interest for Nora given all that they have in common - Legends of Tomorrow could be setting up a romantic switcheroo that will lead to heartbreak for the Atom.

1. If Constantine Knows Swamp Thing, Did American Gothic Saga Happen Already?

The Arrowverse officially has a Swamp Thing and a Swamp Thaaaang (a popular B-movie series). Since Constantine knows Alec Holland, did the American Gothic Saga happen already? In Alan Moore's classic comics, the warlock mentored the swamp monster and prepared him to stop the Brujeria's plot to bring the Shadow Creature back to this reality. This was roughly the story being built up to in Constantine's failed NBC series. Therefore, it may have already happened.

That said, in American Gothic, John led Swamp Thing on a horror-filled tour across America to prepare him to face the Brujeria. In the episode, Constantine remarked that Maine was too far from Swamp Thing's home base of Louisiana to travel, so it's possible the British mage has met the Earth elemental but hasn't led him into battle with the Brujeria... yet.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays @ 9 pm on The CW.

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