Legends of Tomorrow: 7 Biggest Questions From "Witch Hunt"

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4. How Can The Time Bureau Be Financed By The U.S. Government?

"Witch Hunt" is Legends of Tomorrow's first foray into the infrastructure of the Time Bureau and it's... confusing. We learn that the Time Bureau is funded by the U.S. Government's Department of Defense and, as Director, Ava Sharpe needs a boost in resources in order to finance their new war against the magical threats to the timeline. After Gary recapped the main plot points of Legends season 3 to the D.O.D.'s bewildered rep (and Nate's dad) Hank Heywood, Nate managed to negotiate a new $4.2-billion annual budget for the Time Bureau.

What this basically means is that in the Arrowverse's Earth-1, the U.S. Government finances a time travel police force, knows that both time travel and magic is real. The Time Bureau was founded by the late Rip Hunter in between seasons 2 and 3; it was never clear how he did so but apparently, Rip, a British time cop from the future, somehow got the U.S. Government to establish a time travel enforcement agency. Rather than a global organization or one that operates in secret (despite their resources, the Time Bureau does regularly wipe people's memories), the Time Bureau is, surprisingly, a United States-sponsored agency like the FBI, CIA, or A.R.G.U.S. But does this mean that the Time Bureau is actually the forerunners of the Time Masters of the future, and Rip Hunter is the founder of the entire enterprise?

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3. How Did Gary Get His Job At The Time Bureau?

Agent Gary Green is a lovable goofball who provides consistently hilarious comic relief, but how in the world did he get his job with the Time Bureau to begin with? With Rip gone and Ava as Director, Gary has somehow risen in the ranks to become one of the most high-profile agents in the Time Bureau. A lot of this has to do with his hero worship of the Legends and his unparalleled ability to involve himself in their adventures (even at the cost of a unicorn biting off his nipple). Still, one wonders what Gary actually does at the Time Bureau besides exasperate and embarrass Director Sharpe and keep a meticulous account of the Legends' exploits. Gary's origin story is something Legends of Tomorrow should definitely explain one day.

2. Why Aren't The Legends Getting Paid?

"Witch Hunt" also makes the finances of the Legends, or lack thereof, a plot point. As time traveling problem solvers who live on a spaceship, the Legends never really need money. Besides room and board, the Waverider replicates food and clothing from any time period and presumably can do the same for money as well (although the ship mysteriously has only one bathroom). Since their basic needs are taken care of, the Legends usually don't need outside sources of income. Also, they indulge in "light theft" now and again as they gallivant across various time periods.

When Ava offers Nate a job at the Time Bureau, Nate jumps at the chance, especially since he was embarrassed in front of his father at dinner by not having a regular source of income. However, the Legends are now essentially an (award-winning) adjunct of the Time Bureau and the heroes aboard the Waverider are the first-response team that deals with magical threats - they should finally be paid for the work they do just like how Nate is now being compensated. The Legends' paychecks can easily come out of the Time Bureau's $4.2-billion budget.

1. When Can We Play Beebo Blok For Real?

When the Legends gave Prudence Hawthorne sanctuary aboard the Waverider, they made sure the young girl from 1692 Salem, Massachusetts had all the comforts of home she would require: a doughnut with sprinkles and a tablet so she can play Beebo Blok. Naturally, fans watching at home got immediately jealous - when is Beebo Blok going to become a real app that we can download and play? A Candy Crush-like game about the cuddly blue Beebo needs to become a real thing A.S.A.P.!

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