Legends of Tomorrow: 7 Biggest Questions From "Witch Hunt"

Legends of Tomorrow season 4's second episode introduces the Fairy Godmother and poses new questions about John Constantine's mysterious new enemy.

Fairy Godmother and Beebo Blox in Legends of Tomorrow

"Witch Hunt", the second episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4, managed to glean a few laughs and even some Disney-esque songs from the Salem Witch Trials. In the process, some interesting new clues were dropped about the unknown Big Bad that is coming for John Constantine, which opened up further questions about this new enemy.

With Constantine coming aboard the Waverider - and demanding two weeks paid vacation for his services - our time-traveling heroes traveled to 1692 Salem, Massachusetts to capture a new magical Fugitive, the Fairy Godmother, who had ignited hysteria and caused an innocent woman named Jane Hawthorne to be accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Nate Heywood remained in 2018 to reconnect with his estranged father Hank but found himself working with the Time Bureau to negotiate a new annual budget that would help the agency battle these new magical threats. This glimpse into the inner workings of the Time Bureau also raised some new questions about its origins and finances.

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As Zari Tomaz learned harsh lessons about not being able to interfere in the injustice of the Salem Witch Trials while Ray Palmer was magically turned into a pig, here's what Legends of Tomorrow's "Witch Hunt" left us wondering about:

7. How Does Magic Interface With The Waverider's Tech?

"Witch Hunt" begins with Ray shrunken down in his Atom suit and installing the mystical knuckle bones of a martyred saint into the Waverider's systems. As John Constantine explained, the bones will act as "a divining rod" that will pinpoint the locations of the magical Fugitives hiding throughout time. How this actually would work is anyone's guess - the Waverider is a time ship from the 22nd century but somehow its systems are able to interface with the mystical knuckle bones of a martyred saint? It's curious that Gideon, the Waverider's A.I., was silent while Ray performed this upgrade. Granted, Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero show (and the most outlandish one of the Arrowverse), but this is a stretch even by their bizarre logic.

6. Is The Fairy Godmother Really From The 5th Dimension?

The Fairy Godmother is Legends of Tomorrow' riff on the classic Disney stereotype and she even sings her own original songs as she attempted to kill our heroes. Unlike the kindly, magical old ladies found in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, however, the Fairy Godmother is quite malevolent, despite her claims that "all I want is to make the world a happier place". After a lifetime granting wishes to little girls, humans locked the Fairy Godmother away in "a dank and miserable dimension". Could this dimension possibly be the Fifth Dimension where Mr. Mxyzptlk comes from?

Mxyzptlk debuted in Supergirl season 2 and declared his love for Kara Danvers before she was able to banish him by tricking him into saying his name backwards. The Fairy Godmother exhibits very similar abilities to Mxy; she has reality-warping powers and she also attaches herself to unwilling mortals. Although, Mxyzptlk is a Fifth Dimensional imp and his powers are actually a super-advanced form of science that only resembles magic. The Fairy Godmother is apparently an actual magical being, as magic is now an established force in the Arrowverse, and she didn't share Mxy's ultimate weakness to saying her name backwards. Yet, the characters have enough similarities that there may be a further link between the two meddling beings.

5. What Is The Evil Coming After John Constantine?

So far, Legends of Tomorrow is in no rush to reveal the mystical Big Bad out to get John Constantine, but "Witch Hunt" offered a few intriguing new bits of info. Rather than banish the Fairy Godmother to Hell, Constantine offered to let him be her new human host in exchange for her help fighting the evil coming for him. The Fairy Godmother flat-out refused because she knows who John Constantine is, she knows he's damned, and she would "rather face Hell than piss him off" - a fate Constantine vengefully obliged her.

So now we know that the Big Bad is a "he" and that he's not from Hell. This seemingly eliminates the Devil/Lucifer Morningstar or the First of the Fallen, two well-known Constantine adversaries, from contention, since they're both lords of the fiery underworld. But what else could actually be worse than the Devil and is known and feared by all magical beings in the Arrowverse?

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