Legends of Tomorrow: 10 Biggest Questions From The Season 4 Finale

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow's season 4 finale left behind some big questions going forward. In "Hey World!", the demon Neron's nefarious plan culminated with him and his evil love Tabitha trying to turn Earth into Hell. To stop them, the Legends decided to build HeyWorld, a magical theme park filled with monsters, which was the dream project of Nate Heywood's late father Hank. The Legends showed the world that monsters aren't to be feared, and they ultimately destroyed Neron and Tabitha.

"Hey World!" concluded Legends of Tomorrow season 4's overall story arc that began with John Constantine joining the time traveling outcasts as they hunted the magical fugitives they accidentally let loose throughout history. At first, the Legends were just sending the fugitives to Hell, like they did to Tabitha, the Fairy Godmother, but they began seeing the monsters as misunderstood beings and two new members joined - a fugitive shapeshifter named Charlie and Mona Wu, who turns into a werewolf called a Kaupe. The Time Bureau built a facility to contain the fugitives, but unfortunately, this played right into Neron's hands as he clandestinely went in cahoots with Hank to use the fugitives to help him turn Earth into Hell.

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Beating Neron at HeyWorld came at a great cost to the Legends; Nate died (briefly) to restore Ray Palmer's soul to his body and so that Constantine could destroy Neron. However, when they won, the Legends altered the 2046 dark future timeline where metahumans became hunted by A.R.G.U.S., which led to the disappearance of Zari Tomaz. To the Legends, who no longer remember Zari, "Hey World!" was a total victory, but the hilarious season 4 finale left behind some major open questions:

10. What Will Zari Be Like When The Legends See Her Again?

The Legends stopped Neron from turning Earth into Hell but they don't even realize what it cost them: Zari vanished because the Legends message of hope and understanding towards monsters erased the dark future of 2042 that Zari came from. Hence, she never took the Wind Totem or met the Legends, and her little brother Behrad joined the team instead.

Thankfully, Tala Ashe didn't exit the series. According to Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer, "Tala will be returning to the show but Zari, the character we know and love, will not be." This most likely means Zari will encounter the Legends again in season 5 (perhaps Behrad takes them home to Seattle to meet his big sister) but she will be different from the snarky hacker and reluctant superhero fans got to know over the last 2 seasons. Whether the new Zari will still be attracted to Nate or if she will join the Legends remains to be seen.

9. Will HeyWorld Remain Open?

Hank Heywood's dream came true when Nate used the Book of Brigid from "Tagumo Attacks!!!" to magically complete and open HeyWorld - "The Happiest Place on the Planet!" But now that the Legends' plan to use HeyWorld to show people that humans and monsters can be friends worked, will the theme park remain open? Also, HeyWorld was originally projected to take another 2-3 years to be finished, which means Mikey T. and the construction crews who were building the park got screwed over when magic finished their job for them. Will Nate use HeyWorld's profits to pay off Mikey T. and his crew's contracts?

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8. What Happens To The Fugitives Now?

A big question is what happens next to the fugitives? They were originally being rounded up by Neron to serve as part of his evil plan. But after the events of "Hey World!", most of the monsters like Frederic the Ogre, the Minotaur, and the Puca have proven to be misunderstood and gentle souls. Will the Time Bureau place them in custody once more (or at least the ones who are still evil like Mike the Spike inhabiting the Martin Stein puppet)? Will they be set free? Or will the monsters continue to appear as gainfully employed attractions in HeyWorld?

7. Is Nora Darhk Stuck As Fairy God Nora?

Nora Darhk has repented from her time as the evil vessel of the demon Mallus. After surrendering herself to the Time Bureau, serving out a prison sentence, and falling in love with Ray Palmer, Ava Sharpe gave Nora a second chance. In fact, Nora had just joined the Time Bureau as an agent when Tabitha tricked her into becoming the Fairy Godmother - binding her to her human host, Gary Green.

Surprisingly, "Hey World!" ended with her still being Fairy God Nora and stuck with Gary. This likely means that Nora will be forced to fulfill each of Gary's wishes until Legends of Tomorrow returns from hiatus. While this is great for Gary, it'll be sheer torment for Nora. How long will she be forced to remain Fairy God Nora and how will this affect her relationship with Ray (who doesn't mind her outfit)?

6. Will There Be Fallout From Neron Posing As Ray Palmer?

Neron posing as Ray Palmer, unleashing the soul-stealing Eyes app on the public, and trying to turn Earth into Hell is bound to have repercussions for the ex-billionaire inventor of the A.T.O.M. suit. After he became a Legend and began living outside of the timeline, Ray stopped being a public figure and it's been years since he left Palmer Technologies to Felicity Smoak. Ray briefly worked for the Upswipz dating app in Legend of Tomorrow season 3 but it was when Neron possessed his body that Ray Palmer re-emerged in the public eye as the CEO of Palmer X.

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Of course, the public doesn't know Ray's body was taken over by a demon, and as far as people saw, Ray Palmer was stoking public panic about monsters and tried to summon Hell at HeyWorld. Of course, Ray can always just keep being a Legend and living on the Waverider until it all blows over, which is what he'd been doing all along.

5. Is Nate Staying At The Time Bureau?

In season 4, Nate Heywood took a leave from the Legends and found a new purpose working with Ava Sharpe, Gary, and his dad Hank at the Time Bureau. But will he remain at his new job after the events of "Hey World!"? The memory of his dad's death will still sting and Nate might find it difficult remaining at the Bureau. Nate also was the only one who felt something was off when Zari vanished and it's possible the void she left behind will continue to rattle him until they reunite in Legends of Tomorrow season 5.

4. How Did Young Zari Get To HeyWorld?

Nine-year-old Zari saved the day when she stopped Wickstable from roasting Sara and it was Zari ordering Wicksty to dance that led to him eating Tabitha. So while it was great that young Zari was there, how exactly did she and her mom get to HeyWorld? Young Zari lives in Seattle in 2019, which is where the adult Zari and Nate visited her at the start of "Hey World!". The theme park itself is located in eastern Maryland, so this means Zari and her pregnant mom flew across the country to visit HeyWorld. Little Zari must have been really inspired by the commercial the Legends shot where they dressed like Supergirl, Green Arrow, and The Flash.

Update: Upon review, young Zari lives in Washington, D.C. in 2019 so getting to HeyWorld was no problem!

3. Where Did Wickstable Go?

After the fully-grown Wickstable ate Tabitha and transformed back into a baby dragon, he wasn't seen again the episode. Where did Wickstable go? Either the Time Bureau rounded him up or little Zari just kept him after the commotion was over, since the dragon considers her his mom since he hatched. But that would mean Zari is growing up in Seattle with a pet dragon, whom she named Mithra. A dragon living in Seattle is probably something the Legends and the Time Bureau should keep their eyes on.

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2. Are The Legends Now As Popular as The Trinity?

The reason Sara insisted on shooting a commercial where the Legends dressed like Supergirl, The Flash, and Green Arrow is because the general public doesn't know who the Legends of Tomorrow are. She felt people needed to see "franchise superheroes" to get them to visit HeyWorld. Unfortunately, the real Trinity told them, "hard pass" when they asked for help (because the Legends didn't join the Elseworlds crossover), so they just dressed up as the Trinity. This is an overall statement on the Legends' status as the outliers of the Arrowverse who don't get the public recognition that Supergirl, Flash, and Green Arrow do.

After their victory at "Hey World!", which was streamed to 3-billion cellphones, this could now change and the Legends might become as famous as the Trinity. How will this change how the Legends operate? As Sara mused to Mick Rory in "Nip/Stuck", the original Legends were recruited by Rip Hunter because they were losers who didn't matter to the timeline, but this is no longer the case. Will the world embrace the Legends of Tomorrow in season 5?

1. What Role Will The Legends Play in Crisis On Infinite Earths?

The conclusion of "Hey World!" teased the format for Legends of Tomorrow season 5, which will see our heroes taking on history's greatest villains like Genghis Khan, Caligula, and Charles Manson. But before the Legends return in 2020, they will have to contend with this year's Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths - although the Legends aren't aware of any of this yet. The Monitor made appearances in every Arrowverse finale to set up the Crisis but he chose to hang back, munch popcorn, and watch the Superheroes Vs. Monsters show at HeyWorld and he never made contact with any of the Legends. Still, Legends of Tomorrow will anchor one hour of the five-part Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover but it remains to be seen what role Sara Lance's team will play in the upcoming Arrowverse cataclysm.

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