Legends of Tomorrow: 5 Biggest Questions From The Constantine In Hell Episode

Legends of Tomorrow Ray Palmer and Gary

John Constantine is trapped in Hell and we have some questions about Legends of Tomorrow season 4's penultimate episode, "Terms of Service". The British warlock is trying to rescue Ray Palmer's soul and he offered a deal to the ruling Triumvirate of Hell: his help in stopping Neron's plan to claim the throne in exchange for Ray's soul. But when the Triumvirate sweetened the deal and offered John the soul of Astra Logue as well, Constantine fell for their trick and ended up imprisoned when Astra refused to home with him.

Neron unveiled his master plan at the PalmerX tech conference: his new app Eyes would let humans identify demons, which were the Fugitives he planned to unleash on Washington, D.C. to drive up panicked downloads, and Neron made Mona transform into Wolfie to prove monsters are real. But Zari discovered Neron would then own the soul of each person who downloads the app (always read the terms of service)! With enough souls, Neron would then have the power to conquer Hell.

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Meanwhile, Tabitha the Fairy Godmother tricked Nora Darhk into taking her curse. While all that was happening, Gary used the Fairy Godmother to force the rest of the Legends to hang out with him, but they soon learned Gary was actually trying to protect them from Tabitha's plans to kill them for banishing her to Hell in "Witch Hunt". Zari and Charlie managed to free the Fugitives from the Time Bureau and get them to the Waverider but Charlie was captured by Neron, who can use the shapeshifter to impersonate every monster to attack the capitol. Before next week's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale, "Hey World!", hatches Nate and Zari's dragon egg, here are our biggest questions about "Terms of Service":

5. Who Is Astra?

Legends of Tomorrow is actually following up John's comics-derived backstory from his failed NBC series Constantine: Astra Logue was the young girl Constantine's botched exorcism banished to Hell. John ended up in the Ravenscar mental institution for his tragic mistake, and his guilt over Astra has haunted him even as he joined the Arrowverse. John picked saving Astra's soul over Ray's but he didn't realize Astra had grown into an adult and was corrupted into a demon during her years in Hell. When she refused to leave Hell with Constantine, his original deal with the Triumvirate was declared null and void, causing the British occultist to become a prisoner in Hell.

4. Who Are The Triumvirate Of Hell?

The Triumvirate John Constantine met with in Legends of Tomorrow is made up of Satan, Belial, and Beelzebub, and they are the rulers of Hell. In DC Comics, the concept of Hell's Triumvirate came from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Season of Mists, but Lucifer Morningstar ruled alongside the demons Azazel and Beelzebub (Belial later replaced Azazel). Constantine also called Satan, "The First of the Fallen" on the show, but in Hellblazer comics, the First of the Fallen was a separate character from Lucifer who was already in Hell when Lucifer fell from grace.

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3. Is The Kaupe The World's Very First Werewolf?

At PalmerX, Neron forced Mona to transform into Wolfie, and he declared that she was "the world's very first werewolf," but that's hardly the case. Wolfie is a kaupe, which is a Hawaiian mythological wolf creature. However, werewolves and tales of lycanthropy can be found as far back as classical Greek antiquity. The concept of the werewolf as it has gradually become accepted in pop culture began to take hold in the Middle Ages. It's not clear if Hawaiian mythology's version, the kaupe, predates the European werewolf. Most likely, Neron was just being dramatic in his reveal and he meant Wolfie is the first werewolf the public has seen in the Arrowverse's Earth-1.

2. Is Nora Darhk Stuck As The Fairy Godmother?

Tabitha seemingly befriended Nora but it was all just a ruse: the Fairy Godmother used Nora's desire to save Mona against her and tricked Nora into becoming the Fairy Godmother. Unfortunately, being Fairy Godmother means she's still bound to Gary as her human host and he unwittingly sent Fairy God Nora to Hell. While this means Fairy God Nora can find and save Ray (and possibly her father Damien Darhk as well), it also means she is stuck with the Fairy Godmother's curse. Fairy God Nora will have to figure out a way to get someone else to accept someone else (possibly another witch) to become the Fairy Godmother so she can get back into her black leather - but how?

1. Will The Legends Become Losers Again?

Legends of Tomorrow Sara Lance

A big turnaround for the Legends in season 4 is that they are no longer considered screw-ups and are the "cool kids" of the Time Bureau. But in last week's episode "Nip/Stuck" and again this week, Sara referenced how, originally, Rip Hunter chose Sara, Mick Rory, and Ray, along with the others who comprised the original group of Legends, because they were insignificant to the timeline. The nods to how much the Legends have changed may not be a coincidence. Will Legends of Tomorrow turn the current team back into the blundering misfits they used to be?

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Legends of Tomorrow's season 4 finale airs Monday, May 20 @ 8pm on The CW.

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