Legends of Tomorrow: 4 Biggest Questions From The Stonehenge Episode

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Here are our questions from this week's DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 14, "Nip/Stuck", in which the demon Neron (who now inhabits the body of Ray Palmer) kidnapped John Constantine and brought him to Stonehenge in 55 B.C.E. Neron forced John to open a vortex to Hell so he could bring back his love Tabitha - who was revealed to be the Fairy Godmother!

At Stonehenge, John Constantine encountered his malicious ancestor King Konstentyn and the mage learned that he's descended from a line of wicked bastards. Meanwhile, the Legends were trapped in the Ice Age by Neron, who buried the Waverider under 357 feet of snow at the Donner Pass until the heroes freed the ship and escaped. While that was going on, Gary Green, under the magical thrall of his demonic nipple, took over the Time Bureau and mind controlled each agent, forcing them to admit "Gary Green is all the man we need." Thanks to her monstrous alter-ego Wolfie, Mona Wu was able to remove Gary's evil nipple and save the Time Bureau, including director Ava Sharpe and its newest recruit, Nora Darhk.

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Bringing back the fan-favorite Fairy Godmother as Tabitha in exchange for John Constantine being banished to Hell sets up the Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale, "Hey World!", but here are our questions for "Nip/Stuck":

Who Is King Konstentyn?

King Konstentyn (who is, conveniently, the spitting image of John Constantine and also played by Matt Ryan) is John's ancestor and the progenitor of his magical bloodline. Legends of Tomorrow's version casts Konstentyn as a cruel king of the Celts in 55 B.C.E. who uses fear to increase his magical powers. His brutal treatment of magical creatures, like the Puca, is the reason for the eternal hostility between humans and magical beings. John cut off Konstentyn's right hand in a duel and took his magical sword to open the vortex to Hell, and John voluntarily banished himself to Hell while Tabitha was freed.

In DC Comics, Kon-Sten-Tyn appeared in 1989's Hellblazer Annual #1 and is John Constantine's ancestor, who was a pagan chosen by Merlin to be King of Britain after King Arthur died. Kon-Sten-Tyn lost his right arm to pirates (which Legends of Tomorrow nodded to) and grew into a bitter and twisted old man obsessed with being remembered.

What Is A Púca?

The Púca is the latest instance of Legends of Tomorrow season 4 exploring the magic folklore of different cultures. A Púca is a creature from Celtic folklore known for bringing good or bad fortune. Púcas are shapeshifters that can take the form of animals horses, goats, cats, and hares as well as human form, but with animal features. The Púca John Constantine saved is a harmless creature who healed him, but King Konstentyn wanted to steal its magic to sow fear before banishing it to Hell.

Wait, So Mona And Wolfie Are Separate Beings?

Ever since she was scratched by the claws of the Kuape, Mona has been able to transform into a Kuape she dubbed Wolfie. However, this week Mona was surprised when Wolfie revealed herself to be a separate being that shares Mona's body and even has her own personality. When Mona turns into Wolfie, the Kuape's feral personality takes over. This makes Mona and Wolfie akin to how Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost are separate beings who share Caitlin's body in The Flash. It remains to be seen what other surprises Wolfie has in store for Mona.

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Does Tabitha Still Need A Human Host?

Tabitha is the true name of the Fairy Godmother, who John Constantine banished to Hell in "Witch Hunt" and reappeared in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow". Bringing his love Tabitha back from damnation was part of Neron's master plan, which he needed Constantine's magic for. As a fairy, Tabitha was bound to a human host and couldn't use her magic without her host's consent. Neron inferred the rules may be different now, but she still needs a host (a role the demon previously kidnapped Ava to serve). It's possible Tabitha could now possess the body of a human the way Neron has Ray Palmer, although this would sadly rob Legends of Tomorrow fans of Jane Carr's wickedly delightful performance as the Fairy Godmother.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays @ 8pm on The CW.

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