Legends of Tomorrow: 6 Biggest Questions From The Indiana Jones Episode

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Here are our questions for DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 13, "Egg MacGuffin" - the Indiana Jones parody episode where Nate Heywood and Zari Tomaz posed as Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. and Marion Ravenwood to infiltrate the Adventurer's Society in 1933, fight Nazis, and steal a golden egg. Though Nate helped save George Lucas' film career in Legends of Tomorrow season 2, the creator of Indiana Jones was sadly not mentioned in the episode.

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer tried to fight off Neron, who was attempting to demonically possess him and ultimately took over the Atom's body with the help of Agent Gary Green, who also became Neron's pawn despite John Constantine trying to stop them. In typical Legends fashion, the rest of the team were preoccupied; Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe were busy trying to get Nate and Zari to hook up on their date while Charlie posed as Mick Rory's fictional author Rebecca Silver and represented Rory at Romanti-Con 2019, but their deception was exposed by Mona, Rebecca Silver's biggest fan.

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"Egg MacGuffin" saw Ray literally fighting for his soul and the episode set up crucial events heading into the Legends of Tomorrow season 4 finale, "Hey World!", but here are our questions about this week's zany events:

6. Is Gary Going To Be Tabitha's Host?

Last week's Legends of Tomorrow saw Neron attempt to find a suitable host for his mysterious demon partner Tabitha, but Neron didn't mention her at all this week. Rather, the demon spent the episode trying to force Ray to kill a loved one, which would give Neron ownership of his soul - a trade Ray willingly made to spare Nate's life. However, Gary ended up under Neron's thrall as well; the demon preyed on Gary's insecurities and reunited him with his demonically-possessed nipple, which a unicorn tore off in Legends of Tomorrow's season 4 premiere. Since Sara saved Ava from Neron last week, does this mean the sexually confused Gary will be Tabitha's human host?

5. How Did Mick Rory Get A Publishing Deal?

Over the last two seasons, the transformation of Mick Rory into a sci-fi/romance novelist as been one of Legends of Tomorrow's weirdest but reliably funniest slow burn stories. Somehow, Mick has become a published author under the pen name Rebecca Silver and he has published at least two novels, Heatwaves and Rawhides, which were popular enough to get Rebecca invited as a featured guest at Romanti-Con 2019 (for a $20,000 fee). But how did Mick, a time-traveling ex-con, even get a publishing deal and an agent to begin with?

4. How Hard Is It To Find A Phoenix Tail Feather?

To revive Nora Darhk from her magical coma, John Constantine disappeared for a week and returned with a phoenix tail feather,  complaining, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a phoenix tail feather? I didn't." Well, why didn't the master occultist know how hard it is to get a phoenix tail feather, and will we ever find out the details of what it took to get one? The good news is Constantine's spell worked and now Nora has accepted Ava's offer to join the Time Bureau as an agent to take on Neron.

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3. What Did Gary And Neron Take From Constantine?

The newly demonized Gary and Neron-in-Ray's-body overwhelmed John Constantine and knocked the demonologist unconscious. Before they escaped the Waverider, Gary picked John's overcoat pocket and took a black object: Gary stole Nora Darhk's time stone, which Nora gave to Ray when she surrendered herself to the Time Bureau. Constantine then took possession of it, used it to try to save Desmond's life from Neron, and has had it ever since. But now, it's in Gary's grasp, although why did Gary take the time stone when he owns a time courier?

2. Why Did The Nazis Want A Dragon Egg?

The Legends have dealt with Nazis before; in Legends of Tomorrow season 1 the Nazis wanted a Thanagarian meteor and Hitler wanted the Spear of Destiny in season 2, not to mention all of the Nazis that invaded Earth in the Crisis On Earth-X crossover. But what did the Nazis want with a dragon egg in 1933, and did they even know it was a dragon egg, or were they simply after a rare antiquity from the Adventurers Society? Meanwhile, the dragon egg is clearly meant to play a part in Heyworld; Hank Heywood planned for a dragon exhibition as part of his magical theme park.

1. What's A 'MacGuffin', Anyway?

Maltese Falcon Statuette

This week's episode is titled "Egg MacGuffin" but for those wondering what that signifies, a 'MacGuffin' (or 'McGuffin') refers to a plot device characters are after in a story, but its importance to the plot isn't the object itself but rather what effect it has on the characters and their motivations. The word was coined by English screenwriter Angus McPhail and it was popularized by Alfred Hitchcock. The Maltese Falcon is perhaps the most famous MacGuffin in cinema, and the golden dragon egg in this week's Legends of Tomorrow certainly counts as a MacGuffin.

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