Legends of Tomorrow: 4 Biggest Questions From The Bollywood Episode

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The Bollywood-inspired episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, "Séance and Sensibility", was wonderfully bonkers, even by the standards of The CW's strangest superhero series, and it opens up a few head-scratching questions for the back half of season 4.

When the sexual revolution suddenly ignites in 1802 Bath, England, which resulted in Jane Austen never writing her classic novels satirizing the Regency era, the Legends discover the culprit is Ramadeva, the Hindu god of love (who inspired the Kama Sutra). Kamadeva quickly gets the hots for Zari Tomaz (and vice versa), though Zari is really trying to reconcile her growing feelings for Nate Heywood. This culminates in a delightful Bollywood musical number where Zari and Ramadeva nearly get married but, thanks to Mona, Zari realizes what she needs most is to open herself up to the possibility of romance with Nate.

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Meanwhile, Nate agonizes over giving a eulogy at his father Hank's funeral; Hank was murdered by the demon Neron last week and John Constantine attends the memorial to investigate the reason why Hank's spirit lingers on the mortal plane. Finally, Constantine learns the truth about Neron while Nate discovers his father's secret about Project Hades. From a wolf monster stalking and then saving Jane Austen's writing career to wild sexual dalliances aboard the Waverider, here are our biggest questions about "Séance and Sensibility":

4. Why Does The Waverider Have A Vent Above Their Magic Cage?

The Legends have used a force field cage to imprison magical creatures since season 3, but Kamadeva exploited a glaringly obvious design flaw: there's a circular open vent directly above the cage. The Hindu god of love seized the opportunity to release his love dust right into the vent, which spread all over the Waverider and aroused all of the Legends while they were sleeping so they enjoyed naughty sexual dreams. This was a case where a fugitive taking advantage of the open vent actually helped out our misfit  heroes, but still, the Legends might want to plug that particular hole in the Waverider.

3. How Do Mona's Clothes Change Size When She Turns Into Wolfie?

The scratch across Mona's midsection by Konane in "Hell No, Dolly!" infected her, and now, Mona can transform into a Kuape wolf-creature named "Wolfie" when she gets angry. Strangely, Mona's clothes tear but also change size along with her when she becomes Wolfie. Mona definitely wears street clothes and not any kind of superhero uniform, but unless her clothes are comprised of unstable molecules (like the Fantastic Four's uniforms), there's been no explanation yet for how Mona's clothing expands when she becomes Wolfie and retracts when she reverts to Mona - unless this is simply part of a Kuape's magic.

2. Did Anyone Figure Out Nora Darhk Is Aboard The Waverider?

In last week's "The Getaway", Nora Darhk, who is magically affected by Neron's presence, broke out of her cell and found herself blamed for Neron's murder of Hank. Nora went on the lam but naturally, she reached out to Ray Palmer, who was delighted to take her word that she's innocent. Ray sneaked Nora aboard the Waverider and hid her in his room for a "sleepover", but Kamadeva's love dust infected the whole ship, which included arousing Ray and Nora to finally release their pent-up passion for each other.

Still, the episode ended without any of the other Legends realizing Nora was aboard the Waverider. If Gideon herself was aware, it seems the ship's A.I. was content to let Ray and Nora have their romantic privacy.

1. What Is Neron's Real Plan For Project Hades?

"Séance and Sensibility" revealed Hank Heywood's master plan for Project Hades: creating a magical theme park called Heyworld. But that whimsical dream simply can't be what Neron intends for the Time Bureau's imprisoned fugitives. Neron finally showed himself to John Constantine, both in his demon form and in his human guise as Desmond, John's dead lover he sacrificed to save the timeline in the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale, and Neron taunted the rogue occultist that he won't be able to stop his evil scheme. But what is his master plan for the fugitives? With Hank dead, will Nate be able to stop Neron's access to do whatever he wants with the magical prisoners?

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