Legends of Tomorrow: 6 Biggest Questions From The Nixon Episode

Legends of Tomorrow The Getaway

Here are our biggest questions from DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 10 "The Getaway", where our favorite time traveling misfits kidnapped President Richard Nixon. There was also a tragic death: Neron, this season's Big Bad, murdered Hank Heywood, Nate's father, after Hank cut ties with the evil demon.

For most of "The Getaway", the Legends were on the lam after stealing an RV and high-tailing it to Orlando, Florida so Nixon could deliver his infamous 1973 "I am not a crook" speech while Hank gave chase. The heroes learned that Mona has been turned into a Kaupe after Konane slashed her in the stomach and magically infected her. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari Tomaz, who are still posing as a couple at the Time Bureau, recruited Agent Gary Green and Nora Darhk to discover the truth about Hank's secret dealings.

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From the way history was altered when Nixon became an honest man to the mysterious red button on the Waverider, these are our biggest questions from this week's Legends of Tomorrow:

What Was Richard Nixon's "I Am Not A Crook" Speech?

Legends of Tomorrow Nixon True Story

History was altered when a 'truth bug', i.e. a magical cockroach that feeds on lies which was a servant of the Egyptian god Ma'at, infected President Nixon and forced him to tell the truth that he is, in fact, a crook (among other things no one wanted to know). Because he could no longer lie, Nixon's honesty ruined international trade deals. Because there was no need for All The President's Men, Robert Redford's movie career nosedived and he never created the Sundance Film Festival.

In real life, Nixon was in the midst of the Watergate scandal when he delivered his "I am not a crook" speech to reporters at Walt Disney World on November 17, 1973. In August 9, 1974, Nixon resigned from the Presidency rather than be impeached. But it's thanks to the Legends that Nixon didn't become an honest man because "history needs [him] crooked."

What's Up With The Waverider's Red Button?

Mona is now a full-time resident on the Waverider, which includes getting used to the ship's future tech bathroom. However, both Mick Rory and Sara Lance warned Mona not to touch "the red button". What is the ominous red button, what is a red button doing in the Waverider's bathroom, and will the red button come into play later in the season?

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What Is Nora Darhk's Connection To Neron?

Gary let Nora Darhk out of her cell to help him hack Nate's encrypted files, and they hid from Neron when he arrived after receiving an alert that someone was trying to access their secrets. Nora was magically affected by Neron's presence (though he didn't seem to sense her), and she went into panic mode and broke out of her cell because she could feel Neron murdering Hank. As the former vessel of Mallus and a powerful sorceress herself, Nora's powers are derived from dark magic, but what is her connection to Neron? At least we found out Nora wasn't one of the fugitives being experimented on for Project Hades, perhaps because she is a human with magic powers and not a 'magical creature' like the Kaupe.

Has Nora and Ray's Penpal Relationship Cooled Down?

Nora and Ray became penpals in episode 6 "Tender is the Nate" but the magical daughter of Damien Darhk hasn't been prominently featured since. They continued writing to each other but then, John Constantine broke time and there's been the usual chaos before and after Legends of Tomorrow's 4 month hiatus. But now that Nora has escaped from the Time Bureau because Nate believes she killed Hank, hopefully Ray will ride to the rescue - whether or not Nora even wants his help.

What Was Hank Embezzling Funds For?

Gary and Nora uncovering the truth about Hank's secret activities is heartbreaking. It seems Hank has been embezzling funds from "some black site operation in Baltimore" (which must be Project Hades). In his encrypted files, the Legends found a property deed to Hank in 1912 and a shipment manifest for dwarf star alloy in 1837. Dwarf star alloy is tied to Ray Palmer's ATOM tech, but what does all this mean? Before he was killed, Hank claimed he has been doing it "all for Nate"... but why?

What Is Neron's Plan For Creating Magical Super Soldiers From The Fugitives?

A big part of Neron's Project Hades operation is kidnapping the fugitives in time bureau custody and turning them into super-soldiers, similar to what A.R.G.U.S. will do to metahumans in Zari's Star City 2046 future. But what does Neron plan to do with magical super soldiers? Is he planning to attack Earth or take back Hell? Or is it all about attacking John Constantine and the Legends? Time will tell, but apparently, when he's disguised as Desmond, Neron can enter or leave the Time Bureau building at will and people don't seem to know who he is.

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