Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Casts Tom Wilson; Snart & Firestorm Won't Return

Tom Wilson as Biff Tannen in Back To The Future 2

Actor and comedian Tom Wilson, best known for playing the role of Biff Tannen in the Back To The Future trilogy, has been cast in Legends of Tomorrow season 4. Wilson's casting was formally announced at the show's panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, along with more information about the new character portrayed by actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers. The panel also discussed what characters fans should not expect to see in season 4.

Given the show's focus on time-travel and comedy, it was perhaps inevitable that an actor from the Back To The Future franchise would one day make an appearance on Legends of Tomorrow. Set in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash, the action of the series focuses on a group of time-traveling vigilantes who "screw things up, for the better." The most recent season ended with the Legends saving all of reality from the demon Mallus. Unfortunately, they opened the door for countless other magical creatures to enter our world in the process and the upcoming season will see them partnering with warlock John Constantine to contain them all once again.

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Comic Book reports Wilson is playing Nate Heywood's father, Hank Heywood. Described as a career military man who works for the US Department of Defense (a tradition in the family that Nate broke, due to his hemophilia), the charming and charismatic Hank will set a standard his son will find hard to live up to, despite Nate being an honest-to-goodness superhero. Furthermore, Keisha Hatchett reports that Maisie Richardson-Sellers' is playing a new character named Charlie. It was also revealed that fans shouldn't expect to see Firestorm or any version of Leonard Snart (Captain Cold or Citizen Cold) on the show in season 4.

Richardson-Sellers' new character is described only as a woman named Charlie, who will be one of the magical beings released by the Legends' actions. Little has been said beyond that and the fact that Richardson-Sellers will be using her natural British accent to portray the character this time around.

She previously played the role of Amaya Jiwe (aka the 1940s heroine Vixen, who had been part of the Justice Society of America) during seasons 2 and 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. It remains to be seen whether Charlie will be an ally or an enemy of the Legends, but her strong resemblance to their former teammate is sure to cause some conflict for the team - particularly Nate Heywood, who ended his star-crossed romance with Amaya in the season 3 finale.

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Source: ComicBook / Keshia Hatchett

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