Legends of Tomorrow: Amaya Will Return in 'Weirder' Season 4

Maisie Richardson-Sellers confirms her return as Amaya aka. Vixen in the 'weirder & more wonderful' Legends of Tomorrow season 4.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers has confirmed that she will return as Amaya Jiwe aka. Vixen in DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4. Amaya's fate on the show was left somewhat up in the air at the end of season 3. Upon defeating the demon Mallus, Amaya decided it was time to leave her adventures on the Waverider behind her, and return to her home village to fulfill her destiny. That also meant bidding farewell to her teammate-turned lover Nate Heywood aka. Steel.

While Amaya isn't directly mentioned in the Legends of Tomorrow season 4 synopsis (save for a reference to Nate being "heartbroken"), she does appear in the poster artwork for season 4, along with new series regular John Constantine and the returning Legends crew. Richardson-Sellers has now weighed in on the subject of her return as Amaya, in order to clear up any confusion that fans might have on the matter.

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Richardson-Sellers has posted a message to her Twitter account that confirms Amaya's return in Legends of Tomorrow season 4, and promises this season will be "weirder & more wonderful than ever". She has further indicated that more details will be revealed about Vixen's role in season 4 during the show's Ballroom 20 panel at San Diego Comic-Con next month. You can check out a screen grab of her social media post, below.

Legends of Tomorrow season 4 will focus on the Legends' efforts to contain "Fugitives", aka. magical creatures from folklore and legend that they inadvertently allowed to enter our world during their battle with Mallus. It would only make sense for Amaya to lend her pals on the Waverider a helping hand in their mission, given that she has magical abilities of her own thanks to her Spirit Totem. However, it's not clear yet if Richardson-Sellers will be a series regular in season 4 or just a recurring cast member.

Amaya and Nate's love story reached its a bittersweet, but inevitable conclusion back in season 3, following the revelation that (eventually) Amaya wipes Nate from her memory in order to move on in her life. For that reason, there is a risk that Legends of Tomorrow will soften the emotional impact of that payoff by bringing Amaya back into the fold in season 4. On the other hand, the character has established an enjoyable dynamic with the rest of the Legends by now, so her return this season is quite welcome in that respect. And who knows, the show may yet reveal some unexpected twists and turns in Amaya's journey to her final destination.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 4 premieres Monday, October 22 on The CW this fall.

Source: Maisie Richardson-Sellers

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