Legends of Tomorrow 'Zari' Photos Introduce Newest Hero

New photos from season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow reveal the first look at Zari Adrianna Tomaz. Tala Ashe will portray the show's first Muslim-American superhero, a hacktivist with special powers who will meet the Legends in the year 2042 amid a dystopian police state. Zari's world figures to be quite different from the damaged Los Angeles and ancient Rome settings of the season premiere.

But just because Zari has superpowers and desires to change the world for the better, she will be something of a reluctant superhero and not your typical member of the Legends. She will also start off her namesake episode "Zari" as an outlaw whom the heroes protect in order to help track down a "rogue time traveller," according to the synopsis. The first photos of Ashe as Zari have arrived, and she doesn't look like the typical superhero, either.

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EW revealed the first look at Zari in a Legends of Tomorrow season 3 gallery, giving the image of a tough, potentially fierce new character. She's shown investigating some kind of scene with Ray Palmer/The Atom (Brandon Routh) looking on in the background. She also meets Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), Ray Palmer, and Jefferson Jackson (Franz Drameh).

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Mick appears to be testing one of Zari's futuristic weapons in another photo, which will cater to one of the new hero's themes throughout the season. She will challenge the Legends in new ways, especially as it pertains to technology. She will be Ray Palmer's newest partner as she pushes him to "do more with his technology and his inventions." She will also clash with the Legends on her philosophy when it comes to altering history, urging them to improve it rather than simply fix the many "anachronisms" that they and Rip Hunter's Time Bureau will encounter.

Zari's presence promises to add a freshly cynical dynamic to the group as part of Legends of Tomorrow's continued reinvention. Her knowledge of the dark times ahead could lead to some palpable tension between her and the Legends as the group tries to figure out how to fix the mess they've caused. No matter how they approach repairing time itself, Zari will provide them with plenty of power and ambition.

Despite her presence as an unconventional, untrusting member of the Legends, Zari could also play a major role in the unknowns of the season 3 arc. However, it's unclear whether she will know anything about the mysterious big bad "Mallus", and the Legends will be traveling to P.T. Barnum's circus in the 19th century in episode two "Freakshow" before meeting Zari in episode three. Still, the new hero will almost certainly will be key to the major storylines of the season and won't be thrown in just to shake things up within the Legends.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues with "Freakshow" Tuesday, Oct. 17 @9pm on The CW. "Zari" airs Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Source: EW

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