Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Extended Trailer: History is a Mess

The newest trailer for the return of Legends of Tomorrow hypes the mess history is in after the team's actions last season. For two seasons, Rip Hunter made sure to impress on the Legends that interacting with their past selves would result in catastrophe. Naturally, they did that very thing in the finale last spring and caused all of time to fold in on itself. Now, dinosaurs are running amok in the present day and Julius Caesar is hanging out in Aruba.

When the new season of Legends of Tomorrow begins next month, the team will be working hard to undo their mistakes. Of course, wonky time won't be their only problem. As the latest synopsis for the show lays out, Rip Hunter and his new Time Bureau will be tracking the team down due to their crimes. Now, the new trailer for the upcoming season shows just how chaotic history has become.

The CW has released an extended look at season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow (watch it above), and it proves time is a mess thanks to the team. Of course, this being Legends, there will be plenty of fun along the way as the heroes work to clean things up.

In the trailer, we see even more T-Rexes running wild and get hints at the various historical figures the Legends will encounter. Along with the aforementioned Caesar, the gang will be heading to an interesting variation on P.T. Barnum's circus. There is also a glimpse of more action involving Vixen, who will go up against a foe pulled from the series featuring her granddaughter on the CW Seed.

Speaking of animated Arrowverse shows, the world of the upcoming Freedom Fighters: The Ray will also heavily factor into the live-action shows. Earth-X will be the main battleground of the annual crossover, where the Legends may just encounter the JSA once again.

The big question, of course, is how the messed up version of time the Legends are in will affect the rest of the Arrowverse. Will they have things back to normal in time for the crossover, or are they operating on an entirely different Earth? Like The FlashLegends has never really been concerned about the ramifications of time travel - until it conveniently provides a plotline, that is. Hopefully, the new season will attempt to lay some more ground rules before it upends history again.

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Legends of Tomorrow will return Tuesday, October 10 at 9pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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