Legends of Tomorrow Producer Compares Season 3 to Beverly Hills Cop

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When Legends of Tomorrow returns with its third season, the show will be more wild than ever. The conceit of Legends of Tomorrow has always allowed the time traveling show to get more outré than the rest of the Arrowverse. While The Flash certainly has its share of peculiar characters and plotlines, Legends has long functioned as DC's version of Doctor Who. And when the new season premieres, it looks as if fans will be getting a whole new show.

After the occasional doldrums of season 1, Legends course corrected in its sophomore outing to deliver more thrills, unusual locales, and bizarre storylines. Dinosaurs, Confederate zombies, and more were all put on the table, and season 3 will only push things further. After the Legends broke time, everything has been mashed together. In the show's latest promo, fans were given a glimpse of some of these inconsistencies, like Julius Caesar showing up in Aruba. As it turns out, that's only just the beginning.

TV Line spoke with Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim about the tone of the new season and he emphasized just how crazy things will get this year.

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“The approach was to take everything that worked last year and double down, go further, make it zanier. Last year we lived maybe five inches from the Jump the Shark line. Now we’re two inches in front of it.”

It seems that after trying to play things a bit more straight, the show has learned to lean into its strengths and embrace its campy potential. While the characters will still be traveling to different places and times, like old Hollywood and Victorian London, things won't be quite the same. With time mixed up, the series will be able to dive into the absurd and try things usually reserved for comics.

Of course, the more playful tone of the show doesn't mean there won't be any stakes this season. Damien Darhk will be back, bringing his adult daughter with him. He'll also be assembling a new Legion of Doom full of the Arrowverse's biggest bads. On top of that, the Legends will be outrunning Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau, who are attempting to set things right.

“If [the Time Bureau] is the Beverly Hills police department, our characters are Axel Foley.”

Like Rip was in the first season, the Legends will now be time vigilantes. They'll be working to clean up their mess while Rip and his colleagues hunt them down—to hilarious results, of course. Hopefully, they won't get things ironed out before we get a sci-fi Jonah Hex story, though.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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