Legends of Tomorrow: Rip Hunter is Not a Villain in Season 3

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With time thrown into disarray, Rip Hunter will have to make things right in season 3 of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow. Time is a delicate thing, which is something that Rip Hunter has been telling the Legends for years now. To be fair, though, it was his fault that they're in the position of meddling with time in the first place. Still, he's long been the voice of reason on a team of mavericks who aren't always as careful with time as they should be. And while no one blunders through it like Barry Allen, the Legends have still mucked the past, present, and future up a bit.

With the finale of last season, they finally went too far. Ignoring Rip's protestations, they interacted with their past selves and seemingly broke time as a result. Far from Aruba, the Legends ended up in a modern-day populated by dinosaurs where world cities are all based together. Just before the new status quo, however, Rip took off on his own. Thanks to the synopsis for season 3, we know the former Time Master will be starting up a new venture. Dubbed the Time Bureau, Rip and his new team will help police time and protect it from anomalies. Unfortunately for the Legends, that puts the former friends at odds.

EW spoke with Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim about Rip's new role, and he made sure to emphasize that despite the clash, Rip isn't a villain—he's just doing his job:

“In season 2, he was turned evil. This is not Evil Rip. We’re not making Rip a bad guy or that kind of villain, rather this is Rip as… the Ronny Cox in 'Beverly Hills Cop' to our Eddie Murphy. He’s the guy who’s trying to do things the proper way, follow the rules, get things done with a certain level of efficiency, and here come our Legends of Tomorrow, who go about things a bit more unorthodox.”

As Guggenheim mentions, Rip has already spent a chunk of time as a villain. And while it was good fun, his new role will be more about chastising the Legends with a bit more support behind him. In the end, they'll all work together, but Rip's goal will be to protect time rather than coddle his friends.

With Rip's Time Bureau, we'll also be getting some new characters on the show. One is comic hero joining the show is Zari Adrianna Tomaz, who could be one of the people of the future Rip pulls into his new task force. Many fans are also hoping some big names from DC Comics will make their way onto the show, and there's no shortage from which to choose.

On top of new heroes—and likely some villains—the team will also be encountering more historical figures. One recently announced addition is Billy Zane (Titanic) as P.T. Barnum. His casting also came with the promise that the famous people we meet will be explored in more detail when the show returns. All told, it looks to be another action-packed and exciting season for Legends of Tomorrow.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.

Source: EW

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