Legends of Tomorrow: Gorilla Grodd Confirmed For Season 3

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Gorilla Grodd will be returning to the Arrowverse this fall, but the telepathic super-ape will switch from fighting the Scarlet Speedster to face off against the Legends of Tomorrow. After Casper Crump disappointed fans with his take on Vandal Savage in season one of Legends, the show course-corrected by pulling in the idea of the Legion of Doom from another superhero team-up show. In doing so, the format of Legends was not only mimicked in the villain department, but the massive team of heroes had a set of foes that was more of a match for them.

With the upcoming third season of Legends, it looks like the format for rogues will continue. Merlyn and Thawne will be out, but Darhk will be back to help bring out the best in the heroes. Not that they won't already have their hands full. As the trailer for the new season reminded fans, time is broken thanks to the Legends. As such, they'll be spending much of the season trying to set it straight. It won't just be Darhk giving them trouble along the way, either, as another Arrowverse villain will be joining the show.

During the TCA's today, we heard from the minds behind Legends of Tomorrow that Gorilla Grodd will be making the jump from The Flash to the team-up series in the fall. There's no word how many episodes Grodd will appear in, but given the considerable budget required for him it likely won't be many.

The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

Darhk will already be joined by Vixen villain Kuasa in his fight against the Legends. So even if Grodd only appears a handful of times, the heroes will have a lot to contend with this season. And in all likelihood, a few more rogues will join the new Legion of Doom.

Thanks to time being broken, clean-up won't be all the Legends will have to attend to as they travel across time. Rip Hunter will be turning frenemy to go after the team, bringing his new Time Bureau agents along with him. While the villains will provide pure, campy evil, the Time Bureau will give the Legends a more nuanced threat to deal with as they seek to clean up their mess.

With the premiere of Legends' new season just two months away, we'll likely continue to learn more about the show's new heroes and villains in the coming weeks. When we do, we'll make sure to let you know—so stay tuned!

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Legends Of Tomorrow will return to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

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