Legends of Tomorrow Star Says Season 3 Feels 'Like a New Show'

Legends of Tomorrow Shogun Vixen

Legends of Tomorrow actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers says the CW series manages to feel "like a new show" despite the fact that it's going into its 3rd season. This is an opinion shared by the showrunners who also said they look at each season like a reboot. Perhaps this is how the time traveling superhero show is able to stay so exciting and fresh.

Richardson-Sellers joined Legends of Tomorrow in the show's second season. She plays the new version of Vixen, Amaya Jiwe. She is a former member of the Justice Society of America and the grandmother of Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke) who appeared on season 4 of Arrow (as well as in her own animated series on the CW Seed streaming site). Amaya's connection to Mari makes her traveling with the Legends even more dangerous because anything changed during their adventure in time could prevent her granddaughter from being born (and becoming a hero).

In a conversation with Bleeding Cool, Richardson-Sellers spoke about what to expect from Legends of Tomorrow's 3rd season

We go to some really fun time periods and see some really cool historical figures and characters from folklore and world renown from our history. And we’ve got a team of new supervillains that are really exciting. The playful edginess gets amplified, it’s fun and silly but there are also some very emotional moments. And having Zari join the team as a superhero from the future adds a new fresh spin on everything. It feels so fresh, almost like a new show. The same way season two felt like a new show from season one. I’m excited to see how that translates to the screen.

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Vixen looks to be a big part of this season of Legends of Tomorrow especially with the introduction of Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly. Kuasa is Mari's sister aka another one of Amaya's granddaughters. However, unlike her sister, Kuasa is a villain. In the Vixen animated series, Kuasa tries to steal the totem that holds their family's powers from Mari. Richardson-Sellers says that this makes Amaya question everything.

I think it’s really fascinating for Amaya to see that one of her descendants could turn out to be evil. She knows she has to get back to her timeline because Mari needs to exist, but now she knows that if Mari exists so does Kuasa. It really shakes her up for the season.

The time travel aspect in Legends of Tomorrow allows the show to change from season to season. This includes adding new characters from the future like Kuasa and Zari (Tala Ashe) as well as meeting Julius Caesar in the Roman Empire. It keeps the tone lighthearted and fun, while still having high stakes. It also allows the show to make social commentary, helping to keep it more relevant than ever.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premieres Tuesday, October 10th at 9 PM.

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