Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 is Done Filming

Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz takes to social media, revealing that season 3 is done filming. What does the future hold for the Legends?

Taking to social media, Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz has announced that season 3 is officially done filming.

Season 3 has seen Legends of Tomorrow go from strength to strength. The show has found its voice, a blend of dark emotional pathos and quick-witted, cheesy humor. This season has also seen the cast switch up a little, with both Victor Garber and Franz Drameh moving on. Four days ago, Nick Zano - who plays Nate Heywood in the series - confirmed that the team were filming the final season 3 episode. Now, it looks like that last episode has wrapped production.

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Caity Lotz, who plays team leader Sara Lance (aka. White Canary), has confirmed on Twitter that filming has finished on the last episode for this season. What's more, it looks as though the cast had a tremendous wrap party (see the photo embedded below).

While the other Arrowverse shows returned from their mid-season breaks weeks ago, Legends was held back. It's sharing a timeslot with Supergirl, partly because the other show needed extra time for production, and partly because The CW didn't want to be airing five superhero series at once. It's a decision that annoyed fans, who launched a popular petition against it.

Fans are unsure what to expect from season 3, which continues tonight. It's certainly been confirmed that Matt Ryan will return as Constantine, while Keiynan Lonsdale - who plays Wally West in The Flash - is becoming a new series regular. The season 3 big bad is the monstrous demon known as Mallus, who had been hunted through time by Rip Hunter. Mallus's plans are escalating, and the season finale is sure to see the Legends come up against their most terrifying challenge to date. Fans are hoping Constantine will be on hand; Ryan's portrayal is viewed as so iconic that some are hoping he will join the Legends full-time in season 4.

In January, CW President Mark Pedowitz noted that he was "confident" the Arrowverse shows will be renewed. The CW usually make renewal announcements at the TCA's winter press tour, but this time round the board didn't convene in time. Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow is possibly the most vulnerable. Although season 3 has been tremendously strong, ratings are still on a par with season 2. The "Crisis on Earth X" crossover gave it a boost, but even an emotional goodbye to one of the key cast couldn't get viewers to stick around.

Appropriately enough, only time will tell what The CW has in store for Legends of Tomorrow. Given the strength of season 3 to date, the next half-season is sure to be thrilling.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues tonight with “Here I Go Again” on The CW.

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