Arrowverse Showrunner Promises 'Fun' Damien Darhk Return

Arrow Neal McDonough Damien Darhk

Legends of Tomorrow will be bringing back Damien Darhk in season 3, but it won't be the same version of the villain who menaced the team in season 2. The show's time travel shenanigans will allow for something of a fresh start for Dahrk.

Damien Darhk was part of Legends of Tomorrow's iteration of the supervillain group the Legion of Doom in season 2 alongside Eobard Thawne and Malcolm Meryln. Plucked from the timeline by Eobard Thawne before his death in the Arrow season 4 finale, Darhk faced off against the Legends in its vastly improved second season. Part of the show's sophomore leap in quality had to do with Darhk and his cohorts providing a legitimately menacing threat to the team, whereas season 1's Vandal Savage largely fell flat. And while Darhk was returned to his rightful place in the timeline at the conclusion of Legends' second season, we haven't seen the last of the wild eyed villain.

While discussing the show at this week's Television Critics Association, series producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed Darhk is returning to Legends of Tomorrow this season, but it will be a version of the character after his death on Arrow.

"[Legends of Tomorrow season 3] is a different Damien Darhk than the one you saw last year. This is the post-Arrow season 4. We pick up after he’s been killed. We have a fun way to bring him back."

Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk in Arrow Season 4 Episode 23

Part of the fun of Legends of Tomorrow is the absolutely bonkers glee with which it embraces the narrative possibilities of time travel. The show has occasionally attempted to set up Doctor Who style rules to limit the time travel possibilities, but more often than not the show ditches such high minded ideals to tell joyful, silly stories.

And the Arrowverse is no stranger to resurrection. Multiple characters across all the CW superhero series have cheated death, including Legends of Tomorrow's Sara Lance herself. The mystical Lazarus Pits guarded by the League of Assassins have been the go to resurrection plot device over the years, though Arrow has made at least some effort to suggest the Pits are no longer active.

However the show manages to revive Darhk, it will be a welcome occasion. A low level, forgettable villain in the comics, Darhk became one of the most memorable villains in the Arrowverse due largely to Neal McDonough's dynamic, scene chewing performance. And while he'll seemingly be without his comedic foil, John Barrowman's Malcolm Meryln, Damien Darhk is an entertaining enough presence to stand on his own.

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Legends Of Tomorrow will return to The CW on Tuesday, October 10.

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