What to Expect From Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

When the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow ended, the Legends had just defeated Vandal Savage and had charged themselves with the mission to protect time in the wake of the destruction of the Time Masters. By contrast, Legends of Tomorrow's unpredictable and exciting second season concluded with the Legends successfully defeating the cabal of arch villains known as the Legion of Doom, and restoring reality from the 'Doomworld' the Legion had created for themselves. Now that season 2 is in the history books, Legends of Tomorrow has distinguished itself as the wildest, most-freewheeling, anything-goes series of the Arrowverse.

Of course, this being the Legends, victory wasn't achieved without a real screw up. In their desperate gambit to return to the World War I Battle of Somme in 1917 and prevent the Legion of Doom from ever acquiring the Spear of Destiny - a weapon with the mystical power to reshape reality - the Legion broke the most important rule of time travel: they interacted with alternate versions of themselves. With the timeline already suffering from 'time quakes' caused in part by the Legends' constant interference, the two sets of Legends sharing the same physical space created a monumental 'time storm.' In short, even after Sara Lance (and it had to be Sara, as the Spear of Destiny is also a lance) used the Spear to set reality to the way it was, the Legends broke time.

Rather than victoriously arrive in Aruba for some well-deserved R&R, the Legends and their timeship the Waverider were rocked by a time storm and deposited in Los Angeles, 2017 - but not the LA we know. This LA is the result of the broken timeline caused by the Legends; a bizarre hodgepodge of skyscrapers from different cities and different eras. Also, there are Tyrannosaurus Rexes stomping around. It seems the various timelines the Legends have visited have been mashed together into what's now modern day Los Angeles.

So the first thing on Legends' agenda when season 3 begins is to figure out how to repair the timeline they broke. Naturally, there will be a way to do so, using whatever obscure DC Comics concept (like the Spear of Destiny was) that they'll need to discover. Though dinosaurs aren't an uncommon sight in Legends of Tomorrow - Ray Palmer spent months trapped in prehistoric times and later gave Amaya Imwe and Nate Heywood a personal tour of survival - dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic modern world brings to mind a fascinating season 3 possibility: Kamandi.

Created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Kamandi the Last Boy was a series set in a post-apocalyptic future "Earth, A.D.", which was the result of an event called the Great Disaster. Kamandi, was a teenager and the last survivor of the Command-D bunker. Upon emerging, he found the world divided into various, dangerous zones ruled by different tribes of evolved animals. It was Kirby's spin on Planet of the Apes, and Kamandi has been featured numerous times in DC Comics, including the currently ongoing Kamandi Challenge as part of DC Rebirth. Could Kamandi be waiting outside the Waverider in this broken, mosaic Los Angeles when season 3 begins?

Speaking of mosaics, Legends' LA also brings to mind another classic DC series: Green Lantern: Mosaic. Published in the early 1990's, Mosaic centered on a patchwork world created by Apa Ali Apsa, a Guardian of the Universe who stole portions of various civilizations and crafted a mosaic world on the planet Oa. Green Lantern John Stewart was charged with overseeing this mosaic world. Though the Green Lanterns are earmarked for DCEU feature films and it's highly unlikely (besides mentions of Coast City and Ferris Air) we would see Green Lanterns in the Arrowverse, given the producers' deep knowledge and reverence for DC Comics lore, this Mosaic Los Angeles might be Legends' own spin on that particular story.

At PaleyFest, executive producer Phil Klemmer promised that new Legends would be added to the roster, as the series was designed to have a cast that could be rotated in and out as story demands dictate:

“We haven’t fully pitched it, but we’ve got great ideas, and hopefully the studio and network agree. But so much of the show is working well this year. You just want to play to your strengths, and keep having fun.”

Legends quickly figured out its strengths in the superior second season. It jettisoned characters who weren't working (Hawkman and Hawkwoman); it brought in a much more charismatic and entertainingly dastardly rogues gallery in the Legion of Doom; it successfully introduced new Legends in Nate and Amaya, and the blossoming romance between them worked a lot better than the similar love story Ray had with Hawkgirl in season 1; and the show swapped out Captain Rip Hunter for a new leader in Sara Lance, who deservedly retains command of the team. The beauty - and occasional source of confusion - of Legends' time travel conceit is that any character can reappear at any time - even the deceased - so no one is truly out of reach if needed for some face time. (To wit, Laurel Lance's appearance in the season 2 finale.)

As for who might appear in season 3 and possibly become a Legend, Klemmer and fellow executive producer Marc Guggenheim have shown they're capable of pulling some deep cuts and obscure characters from the DC Comics pantheon. The Justice Society debuted in season 2, while the other Arrowverse series have mined the maligned Detroit incarnation of the Justice League: Vibe and Gypsy are on The Flash, Steel is now a Legend, and so is Vixen (a different version of whom was also on Arrow). With Black Lightning joining The CW lineup, it's likely his fellow members of the Outsiders like Metamorpho, Geo-Force, and Halo would be seen there, or they could be like Katana and be featured across the Arrowverse, making them available for Legends.

Yet there remain all kinds of famous and obscure DC characters who could pop in: classic Silver Age Justice Leaguers like Zatanna and Elongated Man; Justice League International stars like Blue Beetle (we know Ted Kord exists in the Arrowverse), Booster Gold (a natural fit as a fellow time traveler), Animal Man, and the duo of Fire and Ice. We've seen Stargirl, but what about Jack Knight, Starman? And if Firestorm is somehow rotated out of Legends, could Captain Atom take his place? How about visiting Hub City and meeting The Question? We know John Constantine and magic definitely exist in the Arrowverse; could the magical heroes earmarked for the long-proposed Justice League Dark film like Swamp Thing, Dead Man, the Phantom Stranger, Doctor Occult, or Madam Xanadu make an appearance some day? The possibilities are limited mainly by whom DC would say no to because a feature film might be in development.

One of the brightest spots and sources of great fun for Legends season 2 was how the Legends would meet and interact with major historical and pop culture figures. They met Albert Einstein, J.R.R. Tolkien, and thanks to the Legends, George Lucas went on to direct Star Wars. No doubt the Legends will meet other famous notable figures in season 3. Maybe Stephen King? Or the Beatles? Or Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, or Prince? Anyone who follows Marc Guggenheim on Twitter knows he's one of the biggest fans of Billy Joel on the planet. It's not out of the realm of possibility Guggenheim would have the Legends meet his favorite musician.

The main thing fans can look forward to is that Legends of Tomorrow season 3 will thankfully continue to deliver its off-kilter brand of superhero escapism. As Klemmer said:

“In a weird way, it became the show that I think people really needed in this past year — at least it’s what I needed. When you’re writing an episode, it’s pure escapism. You can do anything you want. ‘The Right Stuff’ is my favorite movie, and last week I had an episode about the Apollo space program. Where else would I have been able to do that?”

And maybe before season 3 ends, the Legends will finally get that long deserved vacation in Aruba.

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