Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Casts Billy Zane as P.T. Barnum

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Poster

Legends of Tomorrow will be heading to the circus next season, as P.T. Barnum is set to appear in an upcoming episode. While the Arrowverse has long been a place full of fantastical locales and characters, Legends of Tomorrow has taken those concepts to new heights. From outrunning dinosaurs to fighting Confederate zombies to hanging out with George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien, the Legends have had some absurd and entertaining adventures across time. The final two episodes of this past season, however, took things to another level. From the alternate reality of Doomworld to the action-packed Legends season 2 finale, there's no telling what the status quo will be in season 3.

Of course, we won't have to wait much longer to find out. The CW has already unveiled their fall 2017 line-up, with Legends joining The Flash in early October for a new season. Though still a few months away, marketing for the next batch of episodes has already begun. The Legends of Tomorrow season 3 poster shows the current team fully assembled, though a few additions are likely. Meanwhile, the synopsis for Legends season 3 teases some startling new developments for the team.

Now, we know at least one of the historical figures the crew will encounter, as EW is reporting that Billy Zane will be joining Legends of Tomorrow as P.T. Barnum. The infamous showman, best known for founding Barnum & Bailey circus, will make for a colorful and bombastic addition to the Legends pantheon, even if he's only appearing in one episode. Speaking about Barnum and the casting of Zane, executive producer Phil Klemmer had this to say:

“But I’ve wanted to bring Billy onto LEGENDS every since I saw him in a friend’s comedy pilot. I’m not sure that people know how funny Billy is, although we cast him as P.T. Barnum because we knew that he would be able to find the soul beneath the larger-than-life showman. Truth is, Barnum never said ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’ He was less a conman, more the father of modern advertising. A guy who made things ‘go viral’ before that was a thing. Sure, in one sense, he’s the villain of our story, but in another, he’s just a guy who wants to put on a good show. Anyone who works in TV can relate to that, right?! Anyway, Billy seemed like the perfect guy to get that duality."

Klemmer then discussed how the new season of Legends will approach the various historical figures that the team encounters, and how the show's writers will try and add depth to each of them:

“The thing about history books is that they turn famous people into 2-D characters. This season on LEGENDS, we want to meet other famous figures from history, people like Barnum, people we think we know, so that we can find the aspects of them, the parts of their story, that the history books left out — we want to bring history to life by infusing it with heart, humor, and total absurdity (often at the same time).”

The news also means that Zane and Victor Garber, who plays Martin Stein, will be teaming up once again after both appearing in Titanic. And this won't be Zane's first time in a superhero property, either. Back in the '90s, he starred in The Phantom as the titular hero. Though he won't be donning a suit on Legends, it's still a fun nod back to his early roots.

Zane won't be the only new addition to the show, either. Last week, word broke that Tala Ashe is joining the cast as Zari Adrianna Tomaz, a central DC character from the comics. Meanwhile, both Rip and Vixen have been confirmed to be returning, ensuring some continuity between seasons. So far, the season 3 is shaping up to be every bit as exciting and wild as its predecessors.

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Returning the week of October 9, Legends of Tomorrow season 3 and The Flash season 4 air Tuesday nights on The CW, with Supergirl season 3 airing on Monday nights and Arrow season 6 on Thursday nights.

Source: EW

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