Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Premiere Clip: Rip Hunter Needs Rescuing

Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill

In the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends were lead by Rip Hunter, a grieving man on a mission to change the past so his wife and son wouldn't be murdered. Rip was not always the kindest of leaders, he often lied when it suited him and could not hide his constant frustrations with his untrained and untested team. But in the end he was a good leader who came to care about them and helped mold the Legends into a strong group.

Then in the first episode of season 2, Rip vanished. The team struggled without him, but seems to have come together stronger than ever under the leadership of Sara Lance. Sara is more patient than Rip was, and also less reluctant to follow her heart instead of her head. She's a different leader, but an equally good one.

The trailer for the second half of season 2 has shown that Rip is not Rip anymore, as indicated by the last few moments of the previous episode 'The Chicago Way'. Rip is now a student filmmaker named Phil who has no skills as a fighter or memories of his days traveling in time. According to a clip released by The CW, this puts his life in quite a bit of danger, as he is apparently going to be captured by the Legion of Doom.

Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill

In the clip, Sara and Jax discuss the situation Rip is now in. Sara blames herself for not saving Rip, she takes her responsibility for the rest of the team's safety very seriously. This has been shown in the past, most recently in 'The Chicago Way' when she traded a powerful amulet to save Martin Stein's life. Jax tries to encourage Sara by pointing out they protected other artifacts from the Legion of Doom. Since she already traded an artifact for a team member once before, whether she could be tempted to do it again to save Rip seems to be a possibility.

Jax also tells Sara that he knows they'll save Rip, because she never gives up and no one can stop her from getting what she wants. She asks if that is a promise, and he corrects her, saying it is a prophecy. There is something about the way they say the words "promise" and "prophecy" which seem to indicate deeper meaning. It sounds like they may have used the words earlier in the episode, and that within the context they will have a different implication. Or if not, there is certainly power in time travelers talking about a prophecy.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on a new night with ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ on Tuesday, January 24.

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