Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Clip: Time to Save History Again

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Art

The last of Greg Berlanti's Arrowverse TV series debuts its newest season tonight on The CW. That series, Legends of Tomorrow, returns after ending its first season on a cliffhanger introducing Justice Society of America member, Rex Tyler (played by Suits' Patrick J. Adams). Like the other Arrowverse shows, Legends saw heightened anticipation this summer after a slew of reports regarding its next season. While The Flash promised a "Flashpoint" adaptation, Arrow a new team of vigilantes, and Supergirl the Man of Steel himself, Legends of Tomorrow will be showcasing their versions of the JSA and the Legion of Doom.

Several trailers, images, and promos have teased the appearance of both the heroic and villainous new teams on Legends season 2, and it has been hinted that we will be seeing the former as early as the season 2 premiere episode. That episode (which airs tonight, at the time of writing this) picks up right where we left Rip Hunter and his team: receiving an ominous warning from Rex Tyler aka Hourman. Based on the season 2 premiere synopsis, we know the Legends will be heading to 1942, and that Arrow's Damien Darhk will be making an appearance. But what catastrophe will they be trying to prevent?

The CW has released a new clip (above) from tonight's premiere that not only gives us some insight into what Rex Tyler will be warning the Legends about - but also, the stakes the team will be facing.

Legends of Tomorrow Rex Tyler Warning

The clip is an extended version of a scene we saw in this season's extended trailer, where the team learns of the apparent destruction of New York City in 1942 - by Nazis of course. From the looks of things, Rex Tyler has warned the Legends that if they travel back to 1942, they will meet their demise. Thus, the question becomes whether they should listen to Hourman, or set out to save New York as "history's last line of defense?"

Obviously, the team will decide to go save the day, as we already know they will be kidnapping Albert Einstein, which has been teased in prior promos. Of course, the clips reminds us how confusing time travel can be, an issue that has somewhat plagued the series thus far. For example, when queried why the team wasn't all speaking German, Captain Hunter responds that it takes time for the ripples to cement a new history. That excuse continues to seem just a bit too convenient, but in a show that's entire premise is based on correcting history, it is one we will just have to live with. Still, Legends of Tomorrow seems poised to improve upon its first season by embracing what it did best: stunning visuals, high-octane action scenes, and further exploration of DC lore.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 debuts tonight, October 13 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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