Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Is Getting More Episodes

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In order to fulfill the need for more superhero related content on network television, The CW has continued to populate the network with a wide-ranging group of shows. Arrow started it all off, followed by The Flash, but to get a third show, they brought together side heroes and some reformed villains to form a time traveling super team in Legends of Tomorrow. Upon the announcement of the series, it was certainly not the first property that people thought could get its own show. However, thanks to wild adventures in different time periods and circumstances, the show has found a nice place in the CW universe.

The second season is only a few episodes into its slate, but the team has already undergone a series of changes. From losing members of the original crew to bringing on new members for the time being, Legends of Tomorrow continues to change things up. Now, they will be able to do that for a few more episodes this season.

TVLine is reporting that The CW has extended the second season by four more episodes. Instead of receiving the full 20+ episode season order that most shows get, Legends of Tomorrow was only slated to get 13 episodes this season. With these new additional episodes, White Canary, Atom, and the rest of the time traveling crew will get to go on a few more adventures.

Caity Lotz as Sarah Lance aka White Canary in Legends of Tomorrow

This season has already shown the heroes battling zombies most recently, but also introduced the Justice Society of America. The storyline is building towards the highly anticipated tenth episode of the season, when the Legion of Doom is introduced. If the season had not been extended, then this episode would have come right near the end. Now, there will be even more time to deal with ramifications of this encounter, potentially opening up the door for a longer story to play out as a result.

Even with the news just now getting out about the extended season, this is likely something that the writers and producers have known or discussed for some time. Hopefully, The CW did not add episodes just for the sake of it, but instead to enhance the story as the season comes to a close. If that is not the case, then the final four episodes of the season could feel out of place and weaken the overall result of season 2.

For now, fans of Legends of Tomorrow will have to wait and see how exactly the extended season affects the show, but at the very least it shows the faith that The CW has in the property. In the meantime, viewers will have to tune in and see how the JSA, Legion of Doom, and more could potentially play into the four-part crossover of all the DC/CW shows.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday, November 10 with ‘Compromised’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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