Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Finale Gets an Extended Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Fellowship of the Spear Review

This Tuesday, the second season of Legends of Tomorrow comes to a close with an epic, paradox-creating, time travel rule-breaking finale titled 'Aruba'. This episode will wrap up the saga of the Spear of Destiny, as the Legends attempt to head back in time to the point when they lost the Spear, and prevent the Legion of Doom from getting hold of it. They're going to have to break all their own rules, going back to their own past, and potentially even using the Spear themselves before destroying it for good. Only one thing is certain - it's going to be an incredible episode.

We've already seen the first trailer for the finale, which showed us the team back in 1916, gave us the basics of their plan, and confirmed that there are going to be two sets of Legends in the same place. It also showed us a little more of Rip (Arthur Darvill) who was mostly absent in 'Doomworld', thanks to being miniaturized and turned into a desk ornament. Now, an extended trailer has also been released, showing us just a little more of what we are going to see in the final episode.

The trailer, released by The CW, is a minute long compared to the thirty second-long original, giving us twice the teaser footage. It shows many of the same scenes as the first trailer, but includes a few extra shots of Rip, as well as longer versions of other scenes. Both trailers also emphasize the changed time for the finale, which is moved to an earlier time slot (usually occupied by The Flash).

Legends of Tomorrow Fellowship of the Spear Review

The big difference between the two is the inclusion of a scene where Rip manages to get the (teeny tiny) Waverider into the air, only to realize what has happened to him. It also shows a few more seconds of footage in the Waverider (when it has been returned to the usual size, it seems), on the battlefield, and of Black Flash.

The inclusion of Black Flash is important, as it suggests that Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) is finally going to meet his doom in the finale. Fans can assume that the Legends are going to save the day, but it's going to be fantastic to see the Legends interact with themselves, the Legion deal with double the Legends, and of course, see how the shock death in 'Doomworld' impacts everyone. The trailers don't give away anything about the plan other than the very basics, nor how the memory-less Professor Stein (Victor Garber) is going to play into things, but this just means that there is more to look forward to on Tuesday.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 2 concludes Tuesday, April 4 with ‘Aruba’ at 8pm on The CW.

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