Black Flash to Appear in Legends of Tomorrow

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Ever since The Flash was spun-off from Arrow, November crossovers have been a big part of the DC Comics based shows on The CW. Each year, as more shows have been added and more characters have become available, they have grown enormously. But November is not the only time the shows in the Arrowverse cross over. On occasion, characters from one show have popped up on others. Before 'Invasion' even aired this season, Barry had visited Felicity to discuss Flashpoint and Ollie helped Nate begin searching for the lost Legends.

None of the four shows set in the Arrowverse have more crossover action going on than Legends of Tomorrow. In the first season, the only main character who was not first introduced on Arrow or The Flash was Rip Hunter, everyone else was an ally or an enemy of the heroes we were already familiar with. And this season, the crossovers were amplified again, when Wentworth Miller, John Barrowman, and Katie Cassidy all signed multi-show contracts, largely to help introduce the Legion of Doom on Legends of Tomorrow.

And it sounds like there is plenty more crossover action in store for the Legends. In an interview with EW, executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed several upcoming crossovers:

“Next week’s episode of Arrow features, I will say, the fastest crossover with Flash we’ve ever had... We, just yesterday, made an offer to an actor to reprise their role from one of the other shows in the season finale of Legends. Oh, and in the penultimate episode we’re gonna have... I can’t be specific about this, but it’s one of the most fun things I think we’ve ever done on the show... a character from one of the other shows on Legends in a way that you’ve never seen before, you may never see again, but will, I think, just send fans into squeals of joy."

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And that was not all Guggenheim had to tease, he mentioned the return of someone from Barry Allen's recent past:

“We’re going to be seeing the Black Flash on Legends.

The Black Flash, whose return has already been promised, was seen for only a moment in the season 2 finale of The Flash when Zoom was turned into the character by the speed force. He's essentially Death for speedsters. That could be good news for the Legends since they've struggled with fighting the Reverse-Flash, who in the last episode captured Rip Hunter before they could save him. Perhaps if the Reverse-Flash was busy outracing death, the Legends will have an easier time defeating the rest of the Legion of Doom.

Guggenheim included a few more things that fans will have to look forward to on Legends of Tomorrow:

“Lily Stein, who was introduced in Flash 308, makes an appearance next week. So there’s a fair amount of Flash-ness going on in Legends. I wish I could say that we were so smart to take advantage of the new timeslot and do that, but we weren’t that smart. We just had already sort of been doing that organically anyway when we found out about the new time slot. I will say this: There’s a love scene in episode 11 and we were in the editing room on it... it’s a love scene, it gets a little steamy... and I was joking, ‘Let’s take that 9 p.m. timeslot out for a spin.'”

Sounds like fans can expect an exciting second half to the season.

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Legends of Tomorrow will air 'The Legion of Doom' on January 21 at 9 p.m. on the CW.

Source: EW

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