Final Legends of Tomorrow Return Promo Features More Constantine

One last promo for Legends of Tomorrow's midseason premiere "Daddy Darhkest" has been released. It's been awhile since The Legends have graced our screens. Due to a decision by The CW to air no more than four superhero shows at a timeLegends of Tomorrow is now sharing a timeslot with fellow Arrowverse series Supergirl - which is on hiatus until April. For the next nine weeks, Legends of Tomorrow starts the week's worth of Arrowverse shows on Monday nights.

And there is plenty of story for the Legends to tell for the next two months. When we last left them, the team had lost Martin Stein, Jax said goodbye and set off on his own, the kinder, gentler Earth-X version of Leonard Snart had joined them, and demon hunter John Constantine appeared on the Waverider to ask Sara Lance for help. While Sara and Constantine do have history - with him saving her soul after she was resurrected - there is a more specific reason he sought her out. The demon possessed girl he is trying to save knows Sara's name.


During the last few weeks The CW has released several trailers for the Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere. And with one day to go, they released one more, this one showing plenty of Constantine as he and The Legends try to save the girl and find out more about the demon possessing her.

The footage of Constantine at the beginning of the promo largely involve him and Sara discussing how weird their lives are - his due to demon hunting and hers to time travel. Constantine typically walks on the dark side, often seeing terrible horrors. How the gruff character will fit in with the Legends - who are usually fairly light-hearted and humorous, in spite of the evil they encounter - should make for some interesting TV. The previously released images as well as the footage from this trailer show that Constantine will be spending much of his time on The Waverider with Sara. Though some fans might be hoping for a different pairing to occur before the episode is over.

There is a lot to look forward to in the back half of this season of Legends of Tomorrow. Aside from Constantine there are episodes promised that are based on the movie Groundhog Day and another one which features a young Barack Obama. And of course, Kid Flash will be joining the Legends before too long. And not a moment too soon. With Damien Darhk, his daughter Nora, the demon Mallus, Gorilla Grodd, Kuasa, and the Time Bureau all out there, The Legends are going to need plenty of help.


Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on Monday, February 12 with "Daddy Darhkest" at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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