Legends of Tomorrow: 6 Questions After The Season 4 Premiere

Legends of Tomorrow kicked off season 4 with a magical, killer unicorn at Woodstock and left us with some big questions surrounding John Constantine.

Legends of Tomorrow season 4

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is back, but their season 4 premiere wasn't all magic, rainbows, and sparkly unicorns. Five months after scoring their biggest win ever by defeating the time demon Mallus, the Legends are riding high and for once, the Arrowverse's biggest screw-ups are being hailed as heroes. They've even repaired the time stream (which they broke at the end of season 2) and set it right - except for that pesky problem of how they accidentally released hordes of magical creatures throughout history.

In Legends' season 4 premiere "The Virgin Gary", our time-tossed misfits are given medals by the Time Bureau but dark menaces are on the horizon. The romance between Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) is going strong, although Sara is so pleased that Ava and the Time Bureau now think so highly of the Legends, she doesn't want to admit they released mystical fugitives into the timeline. Meanwhile, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) is pining for a different magical fugitive, Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), who escaped imprisonment by the Time Bureau thanks to the Atom's help. Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) had a prickly reunion with his straight-laced father Hank (Tom Wilson), but it's John Constantine (Matt Ryan) who brings the biggest mysteries - not the least of which is what he did with the episode's titular virgin, Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman), that left the hapless Time Bureau agent so confused about his... deflowering (or lack thereof).

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Whether they're punching out Paul Revere during the Beatles' arrival in the United States in 1964 or stealing Janis Joplin's hair and Jerry Garcia's saliva at Woodstock in 1969, the Legends are in fine form, even without the departed Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), who has run off to go find himself. And though "The Virgin Gary" was largely a lighthearted romp (homicidal unicorn aside), Legends' season premiere did pose some big questions and mysteries to be resolved in season 4:

Where Did Nora Darhk Go When She Escaped The Time Bureau?

Nora is on the lam, which Ray enabled when he gave her Damien Darhk's time stone at the end of season 3. Though she's technically only 14 years old according to the linear timeline, Nora is a fully-grown, time-displaced adult who was raised since childhood to be the human host of Mallus. Ray met the younger version of Nora in 2017, but Ray was later kidnapped by the Darhks last season. The adult Nora and Ray went off on a mission to Cold War-era East Berlin, where they battled a younger version of Damien. It was there that Ray began to develop feelings for Nora, who was having issues with her father and was struggling with the idea of becoming a host for Mallus. Ray and Damien eventually saved Nora from Mallus' possession, with Damien offering himself as Mallus' host instead so that his "Nora doll" could have a second chance.

According to the Time Bureau's warrant, Nora escaped on June 22, 2018, and since she has a time stone, she could literally be anywhere or anywhen. Even after she was released from Mallus' thrall, Nora retained some of her mystical powers, plus she's adept with assuming identities throughout different time periods. Nora has evaded the Time Bureau for five months but odds are Ray and the Legends will find her before long. (Courtney Ford is now a series regular, after all.)

How Much Has Zari's Future Changed After The Events of Season 3?

Tala Ashe as Zari Tomaz and Brando Routh as Ray Palmer in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Zari Tomaz (Tala Ashe) has finally settled in on the Waverider, which is gratifying to see, especially considering how much she originally resented being drafted by the Legends in 2042. The most touching moment of "The Virgin Gary" was Zari showing Ray the young version of herself playing with her mother, and how Zari, who is Muslim, wished she could warn them that the United States would soon adopt A.R.G.U.S.-enforced anti-metahuman policies and religious persecution.

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However, this begs the question: have the Legends' activities already changed the future Zari is from? After all, over on The Flash, Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) has arrived in 2018 and has offered up plenty of details of what life is like in 2047, the future she's from. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen's (Candice Patton) adult daughter has not indicated the world she knows is a dark, foreboding era that has banned metahumans and religion. Since they all exist on Earth-1 and share that continuity, does this mean Nora's future is the one that holds up? Or has Nora simply left out the darker aspects of the world she grew up in (since she's primarily focused on her father's disappearance)? But maybe the Legends really have changed Arrowverse history for the better and the 2042 that Zari remembers is not necessarily the one that will come to pass - although Zari strongly believes the policies that will lead to her 2042 are already being implemented. Time will tell.

Who Is Axl?

Arguably the weirdest moment of "The Virgin Gary" occurred after the homicidal unicorn sprayed the Legends with rainbow-colored, hallucinogenic goo, causing them to hallucinate. While Nate saw his father Hank, Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) saw something a lot stranger: a human-sized version of Axl. For fans who may not recall, Axl was Mick's pet rat and was an honorary member of the Legends. Ray Palmer, shrunken down as the Atom, encountered the rat in the pipelines of the Waverider back in season 2, and he eventually gave him to Mick as a pet. Axl lived on the Waverider until the season 3 episode "Amazing Grace", when Axl sadly died after accidentally eating poison. Still, Axl meant a great deal to Mick, who's secretly more sentimental than the other Legends realize.

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