Legends of Tomorrow: 6 Biggest Questions From The Narnia Episode

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Here are our biggest questions from DC's Legends of Tomorrow "The Eggplant, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" - the Chronicles of Narnia-themed episode that isn't set in a magical wonderland as much as it is an IKEA-like superstore that's a manifestation of Ava Sharpe's personal purgatory.

When Sara Lance learns the demon Neron kidnapped Ava, she risks her life to rescue Ava from her Swedish superstore purgatory, in which each furniture showcase allows the couple to examine and work out their relationship issues. (They do, at one point, assemble a magical wardrobe.) Meanwhile, John Constantine and Nora Darhk team up to imprison Neron at the Time Bureau and learn he abducted Ava to serve as the vessel for a mysterious new enemy named Tabitha. While that's going on, Nate Heywood and Ray Palmer visit the construction site of Heyworld, the late Hank's magical theme park, and Nate ultimately decides to allow his father's dream to continue. Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Mona, Mick Rory, and Charlie offer their unsolicited help to Zari Tomaz as she tries to compose the perfect text to ask Nate out on a date.

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From Zari learning what the eggplant emoji means to Neron's magical temptation of Nora Darhk, here are our questions from Legends of Tomorrow's latest episode, "The Eggplant, The Witch, and The Wardrobe":

6. How Long Until The Legends Notice Ray Isn't Himself?

At the end of the episode, Neron left Desmond's body and took over Ray's. The goody-goody Dr. Palmer loves the troubled Nora and thinks of himself as her white knight but he blundered and ruined Nora and Constantine's plan to stop Neron. As a result, Nora was injured fighting Neron, who seemingly disappeared. Unfortunately, the Legends are terrible at noticing when Ray is in trouble - last season they didn't even know the Darhks took Ray hostage - so who knows when they'll realize it's really Neron rooming with them on the Waverider and not The Atom?

5. Who Is Tabitha?

Tabitha is coming, but who - or what - is she? Neron spent two weeks preparing Ava to be Tabitha's vessel and he seemed nonplussed when the Legends saved Director Sharpe - he'll just have to find a new one. Neron did, however, admit he never wanted Hank's theme park and his plan for the magical fugitives was to use them to corrupt human souls for him to take. When Tabitha arrives, Neron plans for them to take out John Constantine for good.

Tabitha doesn't seem to correspond to any magical villains in DC Comics so she could be an original Legends of Tomorrow creation like Ava Sharpe, Mona, and Gary Green. However, the idea that demons from Hell need human hosts to exist on Earth is lifted from the Hellblazer comics, specifically Hellblazer Vol. 4: The Good Old Days.

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4. Can Damien Darhk Return?

Neron tempted Nora to his side by suggesting he can bring her father Damien Darhk back to life. Nora didn't fall for it, but Damien is certainly missed. Formerly the Big Bad of Arrow season 4, Damien really became a fan favorite when he began menacing the Legends of Tomorrow, turned into a neurotic father to Nora, and then sacrificed his life to Mallus to save her. Damien is deservedly in Hell but fans would love to see Daddy Darhk back for an encore of "Return of the Mack".

3. What Can Nora Darhk REALLY Do?

Another intriguing tidbit is Neron asking Nora if the Legends know what she can really do, to which she replied, "They have no idea!" Since she was a child, Nora was prepared by the Order of the Shrouded Compass to be the Earthly vessel of Mallus. Nora may be even more powerful than anyone imagined. She even told Neron, "I don't need your power, I have my own." It's possible Nora Darhk might be the most powerful magical being in the Arrowverse.

2. What Are Ava's Unresolved Gary Issues?

Ava's subconscious idea of purgatory includes Gary perpetually present and Ava admitted she "may have some unresolved Gary issues". Gary is Legends of Tomorrow's most love-him-or-hate-him source of comic relief but it's clear that except for Sara, Ava has no friends outside of the Time Bureau. Gary is probably the closest thing she has to another friend and his eternal loyalty has to be the reason why he hasn't been fired yet.

1. What Did Zari's Original Text To Nate Say?

Typically, a third of the Legends team was completely preoccupied with helping Zari send a text to Nate. She started with a boring "Hey, what's up?" but before long, Mona had her using copious emoji so her text was nonsensical: "U up, hot dog, donut, thumbs up". Unfortunately, Nate never saw the final text Zari did send (because of the usual excuse that his phone was smashed by a wrecking ball) but we also never got to see the absurd, aborted emoji-filled missive which was a team effort by the Legends of Tomorrow.

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