Legends of Tomorrow ‘Moonshot’ Promo: Houston, We Have A Problem


[SPOILERS ahead for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow.]


Though the nature of The Flash means the show can jump through time and the Multiverse, Legends of Tomorrow has used its own time travel premise to take the show to some wild places. The team has faced off against Confederate zombies, traveled to the legendary Camelot to fight mind-controlled knights, and helped George Lucas get his groove back. From what we've seen teased for the rest of the season, it doesn't look like Legends' producers or writers have any intention of slowing down.

Following the recovery of the brainwashed Rip Hunter from the Legion of Doom, things have gotten a lot more complicated for our heroes. Last night's episode saw the crew attempt to revert him back to his previous state, but it's no easy task. There's also still the threat of the Legion, as they travel through time messing things up. We know the Legion will gain a new member in the form of a former Legend, when Captain Cold returns to the show. In the meantime, the Legends once again have to save history from the menace of Eobard Thawne and his gang.

The CW has released the promo for next week's Legends episode 'Moonshot", which you can watch above. Following the tag at the end of last night's episode, the team head to the 1960s to rescue Commander Steel from the clutches of Thawne. They will also need to protect the first manned mission to the moon from the evil speedster, as he looks to be jumping aboard an Apollo spacecraft for what are sure to be nefarious purposes.

Luckily, Ray will be stowing away on the ship, but whether he's a match for Reverse Flash is up for debate. So far, Thawne's ability to easily wipe out most of the team has been throttled for unknown reasons. It's hard to imagine the Atom doing too well against the speedster, even in the altered gravity of space. While Ray will certainly be excited to travel to space, hopefully this isn't his last adventure. After all, he's going to want to make it to the finale.


We learned that the end of the season will not only see Laurel meet up with the Legends, but the team will one-up their Lucas episode by bringing J.R.R. Tolkien to the series. No word yet on what the story will entail, but it's likely to be packed full of nerdy references and Easter eggs to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Whoever makes it out of this season will also have a proper four-show crossover to look forward to next year, if any of them need incentive to survive.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday, March 14th with ‘Moonshot’ at 9 pm on The CW.


Source: The CW

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