Legends of Tomorrow Producer Teases Legion of Doom-Focused Episode

Legion of Doom

After mixed reactions to Legends of Tomorrow's first season, the series seems to be putting the pieces in place for an exciting sophomore run. We are four episodes into the second season, and already the team dynamic has changed significantly. Rip Hunter's whereabouts are currently unknown, and in his absence Sara Lance has taken over as captain of the Waverider. Further, the Legends have been joined by new team members, historian-turned superhuman, Nate Heywood (grandson of Commander Steel), and the first Vixen, Amaya Jiwe, who joined the team to hunt down Rex Tyler's killer, Eobard Thawne.

While the series does seem to still be figuring out its pacing, an exciting exploration of DC history is just one reason for its second season improvements. Perhaps the most exciting development from the summer was news that the Legends' main antagonists would be the Legion of Doom (well, a version of them). With villains like Reverse-Flash, Damien Darhk, Leonard Snart, and Malcolm Merlyn set to join forces, Legends of Tomorrow looks to be creating a formidable team of villains to oppose the Legends.

In response to a fan question in its Spoiler Room, EW is reporting that not long after Leonard Snart/Captain Cold returns to Legends of Tomorrow, the Legion of Doom will get their own villain-based episode. EW went on to reiterate that Snart is set to return in the midseason finale, where he will join forces with Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn to form the Legion of Doom. The site added a tease from executive producer, Greg Berlanti, who stated of a subsequent episode: “It’s the ultimate bad guy team up...We just finished the script for an episode that we’ve been tentatively calling ‘Legion of Doom’ that’s all from the bad guys’ perspective.

Captain Cold in The Flash

Up to this point, only Darhk and Thawne have appeared in Legends of Tomorrow's second season. Next week's episode is set to bring them back in the fold, when the Legends travel to the 1980s. But so far, we have only gotten small glimpses of the villains, while the series has focused on the Legends' self designated duty to protect time. It's exciting to learn that we may see an episode entirely from the Legion of Doom's perspective. After all, Thawne, Darhk, Merlyn, and Snart, are four of the Arrowverse's more compelling, and well-portrayed villains.

While fans may be upset that the team is not the traditional Legion of Doom from the comics, the series must work with what they have created, and the villain team-up still presents plenty of enticing opportunities. As for Snart, it will be particularly interesting to see which time period he comes from, and whether it is before or after (if he is brought back to life) his experiences as a member of the Legends. More importantly, perhaps, how will he react to Mick giving his cold gun to Ray in the last episode? He is Captain Cold, after all.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday, November 10 with ‘Compromised’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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