Legends of Tomorrow Set Photo: Legion of Doom Cast Assembles

Legends of Tomorrow Midseason Finale Legion of Doom

The members of the Legion of Doom have given many DCTV superheroes grief on The CW, with a particular focus on the Legends of Tomorrow who are currently hunting them throughout all of human history. The Legion of Doom is a joining of several major villains from across the Arrowverse that have banned together to in order to locate the Spear of Destiny so as to rewrite history without any pesky time aberrations.

However, though we know four members are expected to make up The CW's fully fledged Legion of Doom, only three villains have joined up so far. We know the final member is set to join in the upcoming episodes and now a new photo from the set previews the full Legion of Doom team.

Today on Twitter, actor John Barrowman (who plays Malcolm Merlyn), shared a photograph of the Legion from their final day of shooting on the second season of Legends of Tomorrow:

last day shooting for the season @DCLegendsTV #LegionOfDoom tks 2 #NealMcDonough 4 picture #WentworthMiller Neal @MattLetscher JB

— John Barrowman MBE (@JohnBarrowman) February 24, 2017

The photo features staples for the Legion of Doom including Neal McDonough's Damien Darhk who, like Merlyn, was a major Arrow villain before transitioning over to Legends of Tomorrow, along with Matt Letscher's Eobard Thawne, who premiered on The FlashThe three members of the Legion of Doom are joined by Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, who also debuted on The Flash, but who had been killed in the Legends of Tomorrow season 1 penultimate episode.

Captain Cold's reintroduction was inevitable, but to have him be at odds with his former teammates will make for some compelling viewing. Traditionally, in both the comic books and television continuity, Captain Cold has only teamed up with Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), who has remained a staple of the Legends of Tomorrow throughout the current season. He has never teamed up with Merlyn, Darhk or Thawne in the past and may throw off the tenuous power dynamic that has developed there over the past 12 episodes.

The Legion of Doom are one of the greatest things to come out of Legends of Tomorrow this season. The show changed significantly with Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) being out of commission for most of the first half of the season and by having a unified threat to focus their efforts toward, the show has managed to stay in one piece. Miller was a fan favorite cast member of both The Flash and Legends and bringing him back to life - by following that proud comic book tradition of not letting anyone die for too, too long - is absolutely the right thing to do.

However, none of these big bads are unique to Legends of Tomorrow. They have all arrived from other CW series and landed in the fourth show of the DCTV Universe. One hopes that after their inevitable defeat this season, the Legion of Doom will continue on so that it becomes something more unique to the fluidity and flux of time and space that defines the rest of the show.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 9pm.

Source: Twitter

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