Legends of Tomorrow: First Look at Kid Flash on Set

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A new picture offers fans of Legends of Tomorrow their first glimpse at Kid Flash on the set of the popular superhero science-fiction series. The super-speedster was recently confirmed as joining the cast as a permanent member of The Waverider's crew, rather than making a mere cameo as was previously reported.

Introduced into the cast of The Flash during the second season's ninth episode, 'Running To Stand Still,' Wally West is the estranged son of Central City Police Detective Joe West and brother to reporter Iris West. An engineering student who was as talented at building fast cars as he was racing them, Wally was welcomed into the West household following the death of his mother, who had raised him apart from his father and sister. Wally would acquire speed powers of his own in The Flash's third season and go on to fight crime alongside his adoptive brother Barry Allen, taking on the name Kid Flash. Season 4 saw Wally leave Central City, seeking his own place in the world - a journey that will apparently lead to his joining The Legends.

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The preview came from the Instragram account of actor Nick Zano, who plays the part of Dr. Nate Heywood a.k.a. Steel on Legends of Tomorrow. The photo shows Keiyan Lonsdale and Maisie Richardson-Sellers in costume as Kid Flash and Vixen respectively.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Legends of Tomorrow, in part to see how Kid Flash blends in with the rest of The Legends. The team can certainly use Wally West's expertise as an engineer, as the team currently lacks a member whose education focused on mechanical sciences in the wake of the recent departure of Jefferson "Jax" Jackson. Wally will doubtless welcome the chance to hone his skills working on enhancing the engines of an honest to goodness spaceship/time machine like The Waverider.

Strategically, West's presence will also prove a boon to a team in need of more metahuman firepower in the wake of the recent loss of Firestorm. While the current team is hardly weak, far too many of its members are dependent on outside factors (such as magic amulets, super-suits or high-tech guns) that can easily be stolen or neutralized by their enemies. A speedster - particularly the true Fastest Man Alive by most accounts - would be a welcome ally in The Legends' battles against the newly allied Gorilla Grodd and Damien Darhk.

Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, February 12, at 8 PM (EST) on The CW.

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Source: Nick Zano

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