Legends of Tomorrow Loses Keiynan Lonsdale As Series Regular

Wally West's tenure as a member of the Legends of Tomorrow is over before it even really began. Actor Keiynan Lonsdale joined the Arrowverse during The Flash season 2 where he was introduced as Joe West's long -lost son, Wally. Lonsdale stayed with The Flash as a series regular until season 4, eventually becoming a speedster and suiting up as Kid Flash. Yet midway during The Flash season 4, Lonsdale moved over to Legends of Tomorrow.

The move seemed like a perfect fit. Wally (and Lonsdale) were far better used on the time-traveling spinoff. Wally's status on the team was completely in line with Legends' on-going theme of picking up the misfits and outcasts of the Arrowverse. Evidently though Lonsdale and Wally won't be back as series regular for Legends of Tomorrow season 4. Thankfully, this doesn't mean Wally is going away forever.

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The news of Lonsdale's departure from Legends came from TV Line. According to the publication, the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale marks the last time that Lonsdale will appear as a series regular on the spinoff. It is not, however, the last time Wally will be apart of the Arrowverse.

It's been confirmed that Wally will make appearance in The Flash season 5 premiere. This makes sense as Wally was least seen in The Flash season 4 finale. Although Wally missed out on big The Flash season 4 events like Barry Allen's trial and imprisonment, he was around to meet his new baby sister, Jenna West and be (kind of) introduced to his niece from the future, Nora Allen. Presumably the season 5 premiere will pick up on both of those threads with Wally getting know his new family member just a little bit more.

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The future of Wally's character, beyond that point, is unclear. Legends of Tomorrow is adding two new series regulars to the cast with Matt Ryan as John Constantine  and Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe. Perhaps the reason for Lonsdale not being added to Legends team for season 4 is that there simply wasn't enough room for him on the cast. This would be a bit odd as Legends always juggled a rather large series regular cast. Yet it would at least give a reason for Lonsdale's departure, because creatively things working great with Wally as a member of the Legends team.

It's also very possible that Lonsdale is moving on from the Arrowverse altogether to pursue a movie career. The actor did have a substantial part in Love, Simon. The gay teen romantic comedy that was directed by Arrowverse mastermind and executive producer, Greg Berlanti.

The news is disappointing but not all that shocking. The poster for Legends of Tomorrow season 4 didn't have Wally or Lonsdale as a part of the team's line-up. Whatever the plan is for Legends of Tomorrow season 4, it evidently doesn't involve Wally. At least not on a series regular basis.

Unless The Flash season 5 premiere does something incredibly shocking and kills off Wally, which wouldn't be unheard for the Arrowverse. Wally will still be alive and well. The door is always open for Wally to appear on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow next season. Since he is a speedster, he can time travel and appear wherever (and whenever) the plot needs him to be at any moment.

It's possible for Wally pop up on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow as needed. Yet as the next season of the Arrowverse begins, the universe's youngest speedster is without a home.

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Source: TV Line

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