Jonah Hex is Returning to Legends of Tomorrow This Season [Updated]

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It looks like Legends of Tomorrow is headed back to the Old West—which likely means the return of Jonah Hex. Though ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl have never been shy about pulling in various heroes, villains, and supporting players from the comics, the M.O. of Legends of Tomorrow means just about any character can appear. The midseason premiere showcased this by bringing back John Constantine, once the head of an unrelated show on an entirely different network. The same episode even featured the third iteration of Leonard Snart, proving The CW will do anything to keep Wentworth Miller around.

Legends of Tomorrow is something of a wish fulfillment show not just in regards to comic characters—and historical figures—but settings as well. From the days of disco to a Legends of Tomorrow's pirate episode next week, just about any genre or theme is available for the series to play with. One it returns to often is the Old West, which has appeared in both of the past two seasons. And when the Legends strap on their spurs, they're always joined by resident DC cowboy Jonah Hex. Now, it looks as if the gunslinger may be returning.

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The Legends of Tomorrow Instagram posted an image of the cast in western outfits, hinting the series will soon visit the locale again. And as it's unlikely the show would revisit that particular setting without pulling in its most famous character, it seems safe to assume Hex will appear in season 3. And when he does, it seems the newest Legend will be along for the ride.

UPDATE: Comic Book has now reached out to Warner Bros. Television and confirmed that Hex will return in the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 finale. Details beyond that are being kept under-wraps for the time being.


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The first image is clearly not a throwback given that Tala Ashe (Zari) is included, and the second involving Wally West on Legends of Tomorrow cinches the deal. Unlike the other Legends, Kid Flash certainly looks out of place with his bright yellow costume. But as the Western episodes tend to go, the heroes are forced to abandoned the cowboy hats and suit up before long.

Legends of Tomorrow just wrapped season 3, so the timing of these images is interesting. It's been assumed that Wally would arrive on the show soon, but it's possible the finale will involve both Jonah Hex's return and Wally West's debut. Either that, or the show just decided now was a good time to promote the episode. In that case, we could see it appear soon after next week's pirate adventure.

Two weeks from now will see an adventure titled 'No Country For Old Dads,' which could prove to be the Western episode in question. If not, the other known titles suggest it will be much closer to the end of the season before we see Hex and Kid Flash on Legends of Tomorrow.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Monday, February 26 with ‘The Curse of the Earth Totem’ on The CW.

Source: Legends of Tomorrow Instagram [2]

Update Source: Comic Book

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